How to Buy Cell C Minutes and Load the Airtime

Are you looking to buy Cell C minutes, or do you want to top up but don’t know how to go about it? The Cell C telecommunication network, one of the largest in South Africa, offers various ways to recharge your line and get started with unlimited calls. This recharge comes in the form of Cell C minutes purchase. In this article, we will be considering how you can buy Cell C minutes and load the airtime on your line with ease.

How to Buy Cell C Minutes Voice Bundle

The Cell C minutes allow customers to make frequent calls to another Cell C network, so long you have airtime or voice bundle. These are the two major options to buy minutes on your phone. Compared to using airtime to make direct calls, buying minutes of voice bundle is considered an advantage because you get it at a cheaper rate.

  • To get started, dial *104# on your mobile. This option applies to both prepaid and contract customers.
  • Next is to choose the type of Cell C minute that you want to buy
  • Once you’re registered and logged into the facility, you can also purchase online.

What are the Available Cell C Voice Bundle Plans?

The Cell C voice bundle comes at different packages and prices, ranging from the same Cell C network to another Cell C network and from Cell C network to other networks. The validity of these bundles varies depending on the plan you choose, but with a maximum of 30days. These bundle plans and their prices are listed below;

Voice Bundle Plans to Another Cell C Network

  •  240 minutes voice call, valid for 7 days – R29
  •  900 minutes voice call, valid for 14 days – R99
  • 1800 minutes voice call, valid for 30 days – R199

Voice Bundle Plans to Other Networks

  • 30 minutes Cell C voice call, valid for 7 days – R19
  • 90 minutes Cell C voice call, valid for 14 days – R49
  • 240 minutes Cell C voice call, valid for 30 days – R99
  • 900 minutes Cell C voice call, valid for 30 days – R199

How to Buy Cell C Airtime

One of the options to buy Cell C minutes is to use airtime. Airtime can also be used to buy a range of products, including social bundles and data. Therefore, you’ll need to load some airtime on your phone first to get started. Follow these few steps to buy airtime;

  • Buy using an airtime voucher: You can get a voucher from many shops and even on the street. Use the PIN on the recharge voucher to recharge your phone with the amount printed on the slip. To load a Cell C airtime voucher, dial *102*pin number#, and you’ll be credited. The airtime amount ranges from R5 to R500.
  • Buy airtime online: To carry out this process, you’ll need a credit card, Zapper, Master pass, or EFT.
  • Buy from your bank: This third option allows you to buy Cell C airtime directly from your bank account using your ATM. You can also buy using internet banking for banks like Nedbank, ABSA, Standard Bank, etc.

How To Buy Cell C Airtime Online

With the Cell C online option, customers need not wait for an online agent. Not only can you buy airtime, data bundles, or SMS, you can also pay bills, manage payment, etc. You can buy airtime using the mobile app (once downloaded on your phone), the Cell C USSD code (*104#), or go through the online portal. As soon as your purchase is made, you get a notification via SMS of the purchase.

How to Recharge Cell C Airtime

The most convenient way to recharge Cell C airtime is through the banking app. Although a service fee is charged here, it’s minimal, and you get done faster. You can also recharge by buying an airtime voucher. You can load the voucher by entering it into a USSD code (*102#).

What Is Cell C Recharge Code?

On South Africa’s Cell C mobile telecommunication network, the recharge code for performing all airtime recharges is *102*voucherpin#. The voucher pin here is the number on the voucher which you purchased. Once you type *102*voucherpin# and click on the send or dial button, your Cell C number will be topped up by the voucher amount, and you can proceed to use it.

Cell C Airtime Vouchers

The Cell C telecommunication network has made its vouchers available to all customers, at affordable and convenient prices, depending on your budget. The various airtime vouchers come in their equivalent data and SMS bundles. You can check out the various offers below and make your choice.

All-in-One Airtime Voucher

All-in-One airtime voucher offers a 3-in-1 package; Minutes, Data, and SMSs. All products are unique and innovative, and they are available to offer you the satisfaction needed. The All-in-one vouchers are both physical and virtual vouchers that you can get from any Cell C store.

The upfront vouchers are valid for 30 days, giving enough time to enjoy the airtime. Get more value while you spend wisely. Below is the list of the All-in-One vouchers that you can buy and their prices, with 30 days validity.

  • 20 minutes Cell C to Cell C – R11
  • 45 minutes Cell C to Cell C – R21
  • 150 minutes Cell C to Cell C – R49
  • 300 minutes Cell C to Cell C – R89
  • 750 minutes Cell C to Cell C – R189

Cell C Prepaid Voucher

The Cell C prepaid voucher is another bundle that offers a 3-in-1package to its customers; airtime, data, and SMSs packages. These packages are cheap and affordable. The prices of the airtime vouchers range from R5.00 to R500.00. The SMS bundle is R39.00, while the Cell C data bundle ranges from R20 to R299, all valid for 30 days.

Cell C Supacharge Bundle

The Cell C SupaCharge bundle is for free minutes, Data and SMS. Its prices range from R20 to R89, all valid for 30 days.

Keep Enjoying Cell C

This article was tailored towards how to buy Cell C minutes. And there are several options to go about this, which have already been explained. In other words, if you have more than enough airtime on your phone, you can convert to minutes or voice bundles. And interesting, to get this airtime isn’t an issue, on the streets, in corners of stores, etc.

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