Pursuit Of Happiness: How To Be Happy And Feel Better


Finding happiness might not be as difficult as you might think. While the pursuit of happiness has been a tedious journey for many, it has also been exhilarating and exciting for others.

Despite being something everyone wants, there is still no universal formula on how to be happy; the best solution has always been trying different things and seeing what works.

However, while there might not be a perfect solution, there are some ways that get you feeling better and happy in no time.

  1. Exercise More

Exercise seems to be one of those things that can fix just about anything, like an emotional duct tape. Having a bad day? Just exercise. Missing Someone? Try exercising; want to be in the best shape of your life? Exercise. If you want to be happy, you might as well exercise too.

Exercise has been tried and tested by countless studies as one of the most effective combatants of depression; exercise is arguably even more effective than medication in this arena. Some studies attribute the emotional boost to people beginning to feel more positive about themselves. As long as it works, it’s worth trying out.

2. Spend More Time With Family And Friends

Not spending enough time with friends and family is known to be one of the top five regrets of people on their death beds. With that in mind, take time out of your day to spend time with loved ones, this has proven to improve overall happiness in life significantly. The joy derived from a sense of community is considered an emotional booster.

3. Sleep More


More sleep and more rest have been proven to improve the quality of life effectively. It’s also a reported source of happiness, especially since sleep deprivation contributes to several emotional problems including depression.

People who get rest and sleep often are generally more responsive to positive emotions and are less prone to tiredness which can take a negative toll on the emotions.

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4. Spend Time Outdoors

Consider spending more time outdoors if you want to be happier. An extra 20 minutes spent strolling in the park or resting at a beach has been tested and proven to be effective when it comes to lifting spirits. It not only makes one happier but it also improves memory and sharpens thinking.

5. Spend Time Away From Your Cellphone


A cellphone is great for many things but excessive use of cell phones has been linked to increase in anxiety (especially social media) and reduction in grades, and these, in turn, lead to the reduction of happiness.

It is said that too much of everything is a problem, technology and cell phones are definitely not exempt to this. Spending too much time on cell phones prevent you from experiencing the finer things in life around you, and it leads to an excessive comparison to the lives of social media peers.

However, if you focus your time away from your cellphone to better yourself and appreciate the achievements you make then happiness is guaranteed.

6. Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side

While religion is not a prerequisite for happiness, it has been found that it does help. According to a study by Frontiers In Psychology, people who were actively involved with their faith were happier than those who were not involved or those who did not identify with any faith.

7. Be Appreciative

Taking note of the things in your life that you should be thankful for is a good way to go. The simple act of appreciating things that you might have previously overlooked tends to put things in perspective. Focusing on the positive and not the negative things in life reduces stress and increases enthusiasm towards life.

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8. Help Others

Helping others is a guaranteed way to feel better about yourself. A Harvard study discovered that spending money on others encourages happiness more than spending money on ourselves. You can also give your old clothes to charity, buy lunch for a homeless person or any other thing that works for you.

9. Meditate


There are many benefits of meditation – some of which include, better attention span, clarity, serenity and yes, happiness. Find a mediation method that works for you and incorporate a few minutes into your day. How bad can it be?

10. Acquire Experience Not Materials

How you spend your money is up to you, but in the pursuit of happiness, studies have shown that spending money on gaining experience, trying something new or acquiring a skill is generally more rewarding than getting a shiny toy. Why? It’s simple; the memories will outlast the item. Statistics have shown that people who spend money on experience tend to be happier that those who spend on material goods.