How To Apply For US Visa From South Africa

Travelling to the United States of America (USA) is always a tricky affair especially when it comes to acquiring and authentication of the vital travelling documents such as the passport and the Visa. This is because the immigration policies are strict and well executed. The United States has had its fair share of trouble from those willing to take advantage of the promise of opportunity that is often attributed to its shores. Over the years, therefore, policies upon policies have cropped up to ensure that the process is as stringent as possible so that only those considered most qualified can get through.

Still with a lot of patience and clean hands, getting a US Visa is quite doable. It is always a good plan to learn from those who have been through the process before and can enlighten you on the hoops you need to jump through and how exactly to jump through them. Armed with enough information and a straightforward reason for travelling to the United States, you will find that you will be quite successful and avoid some of the horror stories of those that the process has rubbed the wrong way.

Getting a US Visa from South Africa is an experience that requires dedication and following proper channels especially for the first-timers. There are various things that are needed to enable you to obtain it. Here is a guide that gives you an idea of obtaining a US Visa from South Africa

Filling the US Visa Application Form

Applications are made online. This, therefore, implies that you will visit the embassy’s website to be able to fill the online application form. Ensure that you give correct information and also that you fill the form fully and accordingly. After you have filled the online application form, print-out the bar-code page that has the bar-code number and keep it since it will be essential when it comes to setting up an appointment and it is also a mandatory requirement at the Consulate during the interview day.

Payment and Setting up of Appointment for US Visa

Payments can be made in form of cash or by credit card. The fee paid for the Visa varies depending on the type of US Visa that you are applying for such as Student Visa, tourist visa among others. When paying in form of cash, you will need to obtain a distinctive deposit slip that has instructions and unique numbers that will assist you to make the payments. It is at this site where you are needed to choose the DHL office where the passport will be delivered before arranging for an appointment.
Take the deposit slip to the relevant ABSA division and make your payments. It usually takes about four hours to process and validate the payments thus you need to be patient. Keep the deposit slip because it will help you in scheduling an appointment. You can book an appointment online once the payment has been authenticated.

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Establishing Appointment Date and Time for US Visa

When you manage to schedule an appointment fruitfully, you will be able to receive a letter confirming your appointment details such as the date and time through email. Once you receive it, print it and carry it during the appointment because it will facilitate swift procedures of the appointment.

United States Visa Interview

At this stage, you will be grilled on various factors such as the purpose and duration of the journey as well as other economic and social aspects to determine your eligibility to travel to the USA. Some of the documents that you are required to carry include appointment confirmation letter, valid passport, application form print-out, a clear photograph and all other prior passports if applicable.

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Delivery of Passport and Visa

This is only applicable when your US Visa interview is successful. There are numerous passport delivery options from which the applicant can choose the one that he or she feels is appropriate depending on his or her budget and urgency of the US Visa. You can decide to pick it at the DHL office that you selected during application free of charge. You can also decide to pay some money for a home delivery service or better still pay a substantial amount for expedited delivery.

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