How To Stop Giving Up: Keep Your Eye On The Prize With These Tips


Tired of starting over? Stop Giving up!

The phrase above is literally one of the most popular motivational quotes out there, but truth is – it is easier said than done.

Giving up is not only spurned from being weak or lazy, it can also come from a shift in priorities, or losing sight of the big picture. Giving up can happen to anyone, no one is above it.

However, a lot of the times, people go into something without realizing how hard it will be, how long it will take or how much effort will be required. The good news is that you don’t have to give up… when you fear you’re about to give up – here are some ways you can get out of that pickle.

1. Don’t Plan To Quit

Of course, it’s not as simple as that. But it is a good place to start. If you go into something with the intention of bailing once things don’t go your way, guess what – you’ll jump ship as soon as things become difficult.

However, if you make up your mind not to quit even when things get difficult, you will see the difficulty as a hurdle you have to cross to achieve your goals.

The right resolve and the right mentality can get you through the hardest of circumstances. So if you decide to never quit despite the circumstances, you will last longer on the journey than you would have imagined.

2. Remember Why You Started

Like earlier mentioned, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture but an easy way to stay on track is to remember why you started. Remember why there was a need to pursue this goal in the first place. Once you keep that in mind, you’ll not be as easily affected when things start to go ‘off the tracks’, so to speak. If your starting reasons are noble then it will not be hard to find motivation to keep your head in the game.

3. Talk To Someone

Whenever you feel like giving up, having someone to talk to is always the best. For starters, it is helpful to simply get things off your chest – sharing your problem does a world of good. Secondly, they can remotivate you. Especially if this person knows why you started – they can help remind you why you should get your head back in the game.

Your confidant should definitely be somebody you trust, and someone who knows you through and through so they know the right words to say and exactly what you need to hear to regain focus.

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4. Write It Down

write it down

Writing things down is never a bad idea. It helps with your memory and it will no doubt be helpful when you see your goals listed out in ink. Writing it down makes your goal seem more real than just having it in your head. Consider it a plan of sorts.

Don’t write down your huge goals only, write all the little ones that you need to achieve before you get to the grand prize. This way, you can cross out all the goals you’ve achieved and the milestones you’ve crossed. This will help you see how far you’ve come.

5. Find A Distraction

Sometimes, focusing too much on your goal might bore you. This does not mean you can’t stay focused, it is only affirming the human nature in you. Truth is, as people (even those with laser focus), we still get bored, there’s no shame in that.

So if you’ve been spending too much time focused on achieving your goal, then maybe it is time to allow yourself relax for a minute or two before you burn out completely and lose interest in the project altogether. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

If you’re looking for what to do maybe you should go out for drinks with friends, visit family or go on a full blown vacation. A little relaxation will provide a new perspective when you get back to it – it may even allow your mind find the breakthrough you need.

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6. Exercise

stop giving up exercise

Exercise can solve just about anything. Well, almost anything. Exercise is not just for physical fitness but mental fitness as well. It doesn’t just develop the body but the mind as well. Next time you’re feeling mentally blocked or about to give up, do some yoga or go for a run. When you see what you can achieve physically, you’re reminded of what you are capable of and in turn, you become more eager to pursue your goals.

7. Get A Mentor

Getting a mentor is never a bad idea. You should find someone whose successes and life you would like to emulate. When you do, get pointers from them as much as you can. Ask them how long it took to achieve their goals, what they had to leave behind and why they didn’t give up. With a mentor, questions are your best friend. Learn as much as possible from them and then try to restrategize to fit their formula.

No one is saying you should become a carbon copy but rather pick out the most important aspects of their journey and emulate while remaining who you are at your core.

The best part of having a mentor is that they can encourage you when you’re about to give up because they went through the same thing and are living examples of the benefits of not giving up.