What Is Lungile Radu’s Age and Who Is His Wife Bobo Makgoro?

Lungile Radu was born on 25 January 1975 and is 49 years old. He is married to Bobo Makgoro whom he met during a debate when they were both in high school. They dated for 18 years before finally getting married in 2014. 

Lungile Radu made his name in the South African Entertainment industry on TV before achieving immense popularity through acting. He started his career advertising for elite business brands such as Omo, Nando, Standard Bank, and Fanta. Radu debuted as an actor in 2007, playing the role of “Rich Boy” Sibusiso Vilakazi in the soap opera Rhythm City.

Born to Sowetan parents on 25 January 1975, Lungile is currently 49 years old. He was raised in Soweto before he left the town to seek greener pastures. It is worthy to mention that Radu was named the host of Big Brother Mzansi in 2014 and The Voice South Africa in 2016. He has hosted several shows for Channel O, including Kasi 101, O-Boma, and Set It Off.

Lungile Radu And Bobo’s Love Story Began in Their Teenage Years

Neither celebrity relationships nor high school relationships are known for longevity, but Lungile and Bobo are one couple that has proven this particular notion wrong. The two met as teens and are still together today. Lungile and Bobo have been on each other’s side for years. For them, it was love at first sight, and even till now, nothing has changed. Their exact age at the time they met is unknown, but the two met in high school during a debate.

After it became clear that Lungile loved her, Bobo, in return, wrote a note to him, telling him that she was impressed with him, and the rest became history. The two dated for 18 years before they eventually sealed their love for each other. But before then, they separated briefly at the initial stages of their relationship. Ever since they got back together, they have never left each other’s side.

Lungile Radu and Bobo had their traditional marriage in South Africa in 2014. The actor was 39 years old when he got married to his sweetheart. Their wedding was attended by many prominent people in the South African entertainment industry. At the time the couple had their wedding in Johannesburg, Lungile was already a big name in the industry, having starred in the soap opera Rhythm City in 2007.

In 2012, he starred in the reality series Vuzu Forever Young and was the director, producer, and creator of the show, after which he was unveiled as the new host of Big Brother Mzansi in 2014.

Bobo, Unlike Her Husband, Is A Stranger To The Spotlight

Bobo Makgoro is best known as the supportive wife of presenter Lungile Radu. She has been with him through thick and thin, which is one of the reasons her husband vowed not to go for another woman. Between the duo, her husband is the most famous, owing to the nature of his job. Bobo was born in South Africa, but a lot is still not known about her personal life, family background, education, and more.

We can establish that she attended the same high school as Lungile, but it is unclear if she furthered her education after her matriculation. Bobo may not always be in the spotlight as her husband, but she is a supportive wife and a caring, super mom to their offspring. According to her husband, she was instrumental in his rise to fame. South African hunky presenter Lungile Radu hasn’t mentioned what exactly his wife does for a living or if she is a housewife.

The Couple Literally Makes Us Believe In True Love

When it comes to showing marriage is meant for two mature individuals who are ready to take responsibilities, no couple does it better than Lungile and Bobo. These two are every shade of awesome, and they really make everyone believe that true love exists, no matter how long it takes one to find his soulmate.

Radu and Makgoro have grown to love each other selflessly. They make an adorable couple and also inspire the younger generation a lot. The actor, being a public figure, is always busy with work and under the spotlight constantly, but Bobo is just the opposite of him. She is a private person, someone who doesn’t crave media or public attention, but at the same time “the people’s person,” according to her husband.

The couple enjoys each other’s company and has a soft spot for adventure and traveling. In the past years, the two have visited popular destinations, including Cuba, where they had lots of fun.

Has The Actor’s Marriage Suffered Any Scandals?

Actor Radu and his sweetheart have not had any personal issue that is known within the public space, and there are no reports about them being caught up in any form of scandal or trouble with a third party. Bobo and Lungile are one of South Africa’s most beloved couples. They are deeply in love and have gone the extra mile on several occasions to protect the love they share.

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These two have undoubtedly had their fair share of marital challenges, but they didn’t let any of them weigh them down or ruin their marriage. The lovebirds serve their fans and followers couple goals all the time, as they continue to inspire young and intending couples, which is always a great and amazing thing to behold.

Lungile Radu and Bobo Have a Son

Actor Lungile and his wife are blessed with a lovely child, a son that was born after their marriage. Unfortunately, the name of their son and his date of birth is not available for public consumption. This actually comes as no surprise because Bobo is naturally a private person who cherishes her privacy so much.

She is protective of her family and kid, so she hardly talks about their personal lives and whereabouts. Despite Bobo’s decision to give a wide berth to the spotlight, she and her son are Lungile’s biggest supporters. They always support his career and are proud of the milestones he has achieved as an actor and presenter.

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