House Robberies Soar: 4 Things SAPS Wants South Africans To Know


House Robberies In SA – It’s been long you accepted South Africa should be crowned the crime capital of the world. You know the criminals are perpetrating horrific crimes at a terrific rate and most times, in unimaginable ways.

That was why you weren’t bothered about the reports of a Free State farmer who unleashed a lion to guard his properties at night.

Wasn’t that why you were also pissed when it was confirmed that the Department of Correctional Services hired strippers for prisoners?

To the best of your experience, crime in South Africa has to a large extent, eradicated anything that ought to have been disturbing about employing a lion as a guard dog.

On the other hand, you believe South African criminals should strictly pay for their sins while in prison. It’s just unacceptable for them to get any form of entertainment, they are simply undeserving of any pleasure from exotic dancers.

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Well, more depressing facts about crime in South Africa has emerged. The South African Police Service (SAPS) said it has come to its attention that some of the house robberies are committed by people posing as workers from either municipality or Eskom checking electricity meters.

“These people use to wear eThekwini Municipality overalls and they will convince the house occupants that they are there to check water or electricity meters.

“They will allegedly hold the occupants up and take household appliances and flee the scene. Similar cases have been reported in and around Durban.

“We are appealing to the house owners to take extra precautions and verify the identity of anyone who comes to their houses for any work related issues,” stated the police service.

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Afterwards, SAPS called on South Africans to observe the under listed safety tips for the house robberies:

  1. Employees who read electricity meters do not go inside to read the meter.
  2. Telkom will only come to the house if a fault was reported by the owner of the house.
  3. Owners must please inform anyone in the house not to open the doors for any stranger unless they informed the person prior about the repairs that are to be done during their absence.
  4. It is also advisable that the repairs be at least done when the house owner is present and verify the identity of a person who wants to do repairs.