Honorable President Should Apologize To Whites For Saying They Stole Land – Pieter Groenewald


Zuma, our honorable President yet again, survived another motion of no confidence intended to oust him as the number one citizen of the nation irrespective of the many reasons presented to show why he have to leave his office as the president.

After opposition leader, Mmusi Maimane regarded sweet Zuma as a sell-out with only one agenda which is self-enrichment and thereafter, criticized Zuma for gravely mismanaging the economy, he was rebuked by ANC members who told him to stop insulting the president and check out his outstanding records.

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The noisy debate garnered 99 votes in favor of the motion. While 22 abstention was recorded, 225 votes were against the motion. That aside, Freedom Front Plus MP Pieter Groenewald informed the president that he’s owing the nation an apology for remarking that the land stolen from the rightful owners is the reason for the widespread poverty and unemployment in the country.

Groenewald pointed out that Zuma is obligated to foster nation building and togetherness. But the president according to Groenewald, “creates race divisions.”

The FF Plus Mp was referring to the comments the president made at his party’s anniversary commemorations in Rustenburg when he said; “I want to say to you, the Honorable President should apologize to the white people of South Africa (for saying) that they have stolen the land.

That is a lie. He is contravening the Constitution, and therefore nobody can have confidence in a president regularly contravening the constitutional obligations,” Groenewald argued.

He was nonetheless, interrupted by ANC chief whip, Stone Sizane who hinted via what he said that the president can’t be held responsible for any wrongdoing because of what he said about land.

“The land of South Africa was taken through the barrel of a gun. That is stealing by force,” Sizane  interjected.

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