Homophobic Abuse: DA Comes For Principal Forcing Girls To Stop Being Gay


After reports about the homophobic abuse of some school girls emerged, the Democratic Alliance (DA) party of South Africa charged that it wouldn’t on any grounds, stand for any form of discrimination.

The party indicated that it will report the homophobic abuse of the school girls to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

As it happened, 38 teenage girls, aged 14 to 18 in Eastern Cape were forced by their principal to publicly proclaim to their parents that they are gay.

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The principal of Ulwazi High School in Mdantsane, Nomampondomise Kosani reportedly subjected the girls to be humiliated with insults. Afterwards, the girls were warned to stop being gay.

DA said it is appalled by the incident. “(We) will not stand for any form of discrimination, on any grounds. We stand opposed to all forms of bigotry, including homophobia, racism, sexism, xenophobia and any other forms of discrimination.

“The SAHRC is mandated to address human rights violations and seek effective redress. This incident indicates a clear violation of these children’s human rights and must be investigated fully,” stated the party.

Also, the party rebuked the principal for describing the girls’ sexual orientation as a “problem”. Again, DA condemned the principal for asserting that the girls were teaching other pupils “bad habits”.

DA contended that the principal’s comments are deeply concerning and grossly out of line with the Bill of Rights which says – “no person may unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on the grounds of sexual orientation.”

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With that, the party specified that it is committed to building a united nation where all people are free to enjoy the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

DA also vowed that it will continue to fight to ensure that the rights are upheld.

Meanwhile, an incident that happened in Fortaleza, north-eastern Brazil, where a gang of six men murdered a transgender woman has been condemned across the globe.

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