Can You Guess Which Party Thabo Mbeki Voted For?


Former President Thabo Mbeki’s preferred party in the running local government election is not for public consumption, as earlier emphasized.

Mbeki was spotted casting his vote at the Holy Family College Killarney, in Gauteng on Wednesday after noon.

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Reiterating why he chose to mask his preferred party, the former president said it was to foster the integrity of South Africa’s electoral system and ‘to make sure people vote freely with their conscience and not feel intimidated”.

He said: “That is why I’m raising it, not necessarily that my vote is a secret; you can guess what it is.

I feel it is important to communicate this message; so that everybody should be assured that what we should have done here is that nobody will come down from the street and ask why did you vote for so and so and so and so because you see that is a very important thing. So it’s still secret.”

With the fore going, it’s apparent that many South Africans are still locked up in the dark as regards to Mbeki’s favoured party; especially after opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) paid him an official visit on Monday.

Though the EFF’s mission to Mbeki’s house was to woo for his support in today’s election, Mbeki’s political family, the ANC downplayed EFF’s visit; stating that Mbeki can never turn his back on them at the polling unit.

Mbeki Speaks More After Voting At Holy Family College Killarney

In furtherance, Mbeki said he believes South Africa has got a lot to learn from other countries on the continent – election-wise; especially when it pertains to conducting free and fair elections.

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He said: “I really think the example that all of us should set ourselves is to ensure that you have genuinely free and fair elections; no intimidation, no violence, no fraud, no ballot fixing, stolen boxes and lost ballot papers and all that.”

Mbeki updated his address details with the IEC shortly after casting his ballot at the polling station.

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