‘Watch Out For Those ANC Thieves At The Polls’ – UDM


The leader of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) Bantu Holomisa, has cautioned South Africans and party agents to be extremely watchful not to give room for what he called ANC “thieves” acting as Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) staff members.

Bantu who was delivering his final campaign speech at the Rotary Stadium, in Ngangelizwe township in Mthatha yesterday, called on the party supporters and agents to remain extra vigilant in voting stations during Wednesday’s municipal elections saying.

The UDM leader had earlier blasted President Zuma and the ANC led-government accusing them of being self-serving thieves who did not care about their constituents.

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“Our country is being downgraded. Msholozi’s [Zuma’s] balloon is taking us straight to the bottom and we must not put all our eggs in one basket. Zuma is busy looting from the state; he and his cronies are just looting, we live in an era of self-serving leaders,” Holomisa said, adding that the ruling party had failed to deliver since 1994 and therefore, should be totally erased for the country’s political system.

“The ANC-led government can no longer be trusted because they are thieves,” he said as he pointed out to the people that the UDM was the only party in parliament brave enough to call out ANC members for being ‘thieves’.

Vote Peacefully

Meanwhile, as the local election kick-starts on Wednesday, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Chairperson Glen Mashinini has called on South Africans to cast their votes peacefully.

The first day of the 2016 municipal elections got underway today as those who applied for special votes ahead of election day cast their vote.

Almost 79,000 Gauteng residents are expected to cast their special votes today, with about 30,000 being visited by IEC officials at their homes.It’s the first time the IEC has received over 700,000 applications for special votes, which is now three times more than in 2011.

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Holomisa however promised to fight corruption and lawlessness and lower levels of poverty and unemployment. He further promised that his party would improve the provision of basic services including water, electricity, and refuse removal.