Watch: Embattled Hlaudi Is Confident That SA Loves Him No Matter What


South Africa’s political history has added a new name to its list, that name is Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

To confirm this, Hlaudi proudly said South Africans will never forget him in a hurry because the people love him, no matter what.

Hlaudi said this on Tuesday during the memorial service of late gospel artist Lundi Tyamara where he used the opportunity to lash out at his detractors, reminding them that their actions will never change how South Africans see him. He declared that South Africa loves him no matter what and added that God has given the country people like him to lead.

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Speaking at Grace Bible Church in Soweto at the memorial service of the gospel artist who died on Friday, after a long struggle with TB and liver complications, the controversial Hlaudi made another proud show of himself making reference to the Bible and saying people will always be led by someone that they didn’t want at first.

“The bishop will tell you that when you read the Bible, [it says] you will not be led by someone that you want. God is going to give you someone that you do not want. And I am one of them,” Motsoeneng said.

This is definitely not the first time the former SABC executive chief has praised himself before South Africans. In December last year, he announced himself the most powerful person in South Africa, adding that the SABC had been transformed under his direction.

He said this when the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) in KwaZulu-Natal pushed for the government to give him a ministerial position.

“If you go to SABC, you will realise that 90% contribution and solution is Hlaudi. That is the reason all these people [are] making noise, they know in those meetings I defeat them,” Hlaudi said to a loud applause.

His comments generated lots of mixed feelings with Former SABC board member Professor Bongani Khumalo coming out to say that Hlaudi needed very little help to boost his self-esteem.

“He believes he can manipulate anyone to be agreeable with him. This is a person who responds uniquely when you put your foot down. He then tries to negotiate the conversation with you. He was not used to someone not towing the line,” Khumalo told the MPs.

Meanwhile, Hlaudi, who was introduced to the congregation as someone who supports creative arts, said that when he implemented 90% local music policy at the SABC he created employment in SA.

“I am very happy that I champion 90%. People can feel the transformation, they can touch it, they can eat it.”

Motsoeneng added that the media had been overly critical of the policy.

“All media were saying that if we introduce 90% people will listen to other broadcasters. I don’t know what kind of South Africans they are. All broadcasters, including community television, should play 90% music. It should not just be SABC.”

The controversial SABC chair further referred to South Africans as blessers to foreign artists, but thanks to him, people can now feel the impact of transformation at the broadcaster.

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SA has a number of homemade artists, I don’t understand why we as South Africans don’t believe in ourselves. We believe that artists outside SA [are] better than ours, Motsoeneng said on Tuesday.

He encouraged the people to patronize home based artists adding that he felt proud listening to artists performing at Tyamara’s memorial.