‘Thuli Should Better Not Abuse Her Powers’ Hlaudi Motsoeneng Warns


SABC Chief Hlaudi Motsoeneng has lashed out on Public Protector Thuli Madonsela for proposing to probe the broadcaster on his new appointment.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela made the decision to scrutinize Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s “triumphant” return into the Broadcasting corporation despite suspension orders by the court.

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In reaction to this, Motsoeneng said on Tuesday, that the public advocate had abused her power to serve her own agenda during her investigation into  his case with the court.

“I respect that office of PP but I want to emphasize that people should not abuse their power when they deal with issues. Sometimes when you want to reach a certain conclusion, if there are no facts to reach that conclusion, don’t push beyond the facts,” Motsoeneng warned.

Motsoeneng’s warning came after the SABC board chairperson, Professor Mbulaheni Maguvhe, announced his reappointment as head of corporate affairs division.

Speaking further, Hlaudi Motsoeneng hinted that he had been abused during Madonsela’s investigation. He said his meeting with Thuli during the investigation was open to the public, something he said was unprecedented in a Public Protector’s investigation.

“The SABC is reviewing the PP. People went in my disciplinary hearing and during my disciplinary hearing most of them distanced themselves. It was a public disciplinary hearing and people said they have never been to the office of the PP. If you can go to court you will be shocked about those transcripts. Just go and do your work and check what happened on that meeting between me and PP.”

Madonsela, who appeared to have been taken aback by the decision to appoint Hlaudi Motsoeneng as the group’s Chief executive of corporate affairs, proposed to probe the broadcaster’s board on the legality of the appointment.

“The starting point will be to find out what was the process of appointing him,” Madonsela said, speaking at an unrelated media briefing in Pretoria, which coincided with the SABC’s announcement of Motsoeneng’s appointment.

“Was the position vacant?” Madonsela asked, adding that a query would be sent to the SABC to explain its decision and that, if not satisfied, action would be taken.

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Thuli further pointed out that the SABC could face personal legal costs for Motsoeneng’s reappointment.

Should the appointment of Hlaudi Motsoeneng turn out to be illegitimate, Madonsela’s office would seek legal costs from the SABC board, which signed off on it.

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