Jobs For Hlaudi Motsoeneng: What Post Best Fits The Self-Proclaimed Strongest Man In SA


Self professed strongest and most loved man in South Africa, Hlaudi Motsoeneng has indicated interest to pick up a job in South African government in order to extend his good deeds to other sectors.

The Controversial former SABC executive Hlaudi Motsoeneng made this announcement during his address to North West ANC leaders on Thursday night where he reportedly made himself available for service to South Africans, while noting that he wanted to make sure “even white people have a place in South Africa”.

“I want to serve South Africans‚ not political parties. I want to serve the people of South Africa.

“I want to add value. I want to make sure that people [who] are black have jobs.

“I want to make sure even white people‚ they have a place in South Africa,” he said.

“What comes to my mind is land … What comes to my mind is education because we need to make sure after the university‚ there is future for young people‚ they must be employed by SOEs‚ they must [be] employed by private sector, even government,” he said with reference to his “good works” in the state-own broadcasting firm, SABC.

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With this announcement, South Africans are now left with the burden of finding what public position will best fit the SA strongest. After all, there are rumors of a possible cabinet reshuffle by Zuma where the likes of the finance minister Pravin Gordhan or his deputy, Mcebisi Jonas would likely be replaced by Former AU executive chair, Dlamini-Zuma and former Eskom boss Brian Molefe.

Before South Africans finally decide what job to give to the former chief, a lot need to be put in mind, issues which include:

Hlaudi’s Certificate Issues:

In 2014, Hlaudi Motsoeneng only indicated five matric subjects on his job application at the public broadcaster – and gave himself weak symbols for each.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng applied at the SABC in Bloemfontein in 1995 and in his application form, he wrote that he had matriculated at the Metsimantsho High School and that his subjects were English, Sesotho, Afrikaans, history and “Bibs” – possibly a reference to Bible Studies.

While we thought Hlaudi lacked formal qualification due to intellectual deficiency, former South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) board chairman Ben Ngubane came out to state reasons why the arrogant former COO has no matric certificate. This will also bring to mind his mockery of how South Africans stick to western education and how it has affected the black thinking. He said he would never return to school no matter what.

Hlaudi’s Wounded Integrity:

Former public protector Thuli Madonsela reported in 2014 how Hlaudi had irregulary increased his own salary, purged the broadcaster of senior staff and abused his powers. The Democratic Alliance also accused the former SABC board executive of offering R10,000 ‘sweetener deals’ to staff at the SABC to gain favour.

This was followed by a controversial Free state housing scandal which further exposed him in a scandal taking place in the Free State. He was also suspended by the public broadcaster in December 2016 following a high court ruling that his appointment was unlawful.

Not minding all these, embattled Hlaudi remained confident in himself and in the love South Africans have for him. He told news reporters at the Western Cape High Court in Cape Town, that he was born to lead South Africans  and no one will be able to undo that fact.

This puts to mind, his recent comment on Tuesday, during the memorial service of late gospel artist Lundi Tyamara where he used the opportunity to proudly say that South Africans will never forget him in a hurry because the people love him, no matter what. 

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The ANC Youth wing (ANCYL) which went on singing Hlaudi’s praise, has shown their support for him to be appointed into public office.

The ANCYL noted that despite growing criticism alongside various court orders against Hlaudi Motsoeneng, they would support his move to take up other important offices in government so he could spread his good works there.