Hijacked EgyptAir Plane: Two SA Priests On Board


Two priests from the South African Greek Orthodox church were on board the hijacked EgyptAir plane that was taken hostage on Tuesday and diverted to Cyprus where they made an emergency stop.

It was confirmed from a representative of the Greek Orthodox church located in Johannesburg that two of their bishops who are based in South Africa were on board the hijacked EgyptAir plane.

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However, the bishops have already reached out to the church at around 9.30am to tell them they were safe and had been released from the hijacked plane in Cyprus‚ said the spokesman.

According to EWN, the bishops were identified as Archbishop Damaskinos of Johannesburg and Pretoria‚ and Bishop Nicodimus Boulaksis‚ saying they were in Egypt with the archbishop where Boulaksis was ordained as a bishop on Easter Sunday.

Meanwhile, fears and anxiety turned to humour on the social media when reports started streaming in that the Egyptian national who hijacked the plane was actually love-sick professor identified as Ibrahim Samaha who wanted to deliver a letter to his Cypriot ex-wife.

Someone actually twitted that it was a big relief that the hijacking was done out of love and not religion which would have been more disastrous.

Another tweet wondered why the man wanted to get back to his ex when most divorcees would hijack a plane to get AWAY from their exes.

Michelle Baker ‏@shelllbaker twitted, People joking about #EgyptAir situation I’m sure it wasn’t funny for those on board. Nor is it funny how easy it was for him to ‘hijack’

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John LurieVerified account ‏@lurie_john #EgyptAir Imagine waking up to see you’re on the news because your ex has hijacked a plane to come and see you.

I G N I T I O N ‏@saurabhkrbhatt Roses are red‚ Sky is blue Baby Please wait‚ I have hijacked a plain Just to meet you. ~ Soulmate #EgyptAir Insane.

Cyprus authorities now have the Egyptian national in custody after much negotiations with him. Initial reports said the bomb he claimed to have was a fake. No casualties were recorded in the hostage situation.