Here’s Why EFF Refused To Accept DA’s Herman Mashaba


Worries grew in the air as Senior leaders of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said they will give their consent to DA’s winning in Johannesburg on the condition that it will not appoint Herman Mashaba as its mayoral candidate.

EFF’s Malema made this announcement on Wednesday stating clearly that his party will not support Mashaba as a mayor because he anti blacks and that he is out of touch with the country’s poor masses.

Speaking in a media briefing on Wednesday, Malema described Herman Mashaba as a candidate unfit for the mayoral seat because he (Mashaba) has no relation with the sufferings of the black race in South Africa hence would not be able to address the issues of the people.

“He’s got disrespect for black people, he’s got disrespect for poor people. He did some interview where you can’t give money to poor person and when you speak poor people, you’re meaning black people because the poor in this country are black people. His anti-blackness is a huge problem for us, and wanting to be more white than white people themselves,” Malema said

“Some of them can’t even relate with him. In one of the interviews they said as a black person, he said no don’t call me black person. Just call me a human being, you are black whether you like it or not. So you can’t have such a person who even refuses his identity and now he says if the DA asks him to he will go back and do things in his capitalist way,” he added.

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However, Malema said that his party, considering its power in hung municipalities, would do its best to support the DA in winning the SA economic hub against ANC’s mayoral candidate Parks Tau even if the DA insists on taking Masheba.

He said : “ANC mayoral candidate Parks Tau would definitely not be mayor, and although the EFF had strong objections to Mashaba, if he were to be elected, so be it.

While the DA is still deliberating on what action to take, Herman Mashaba has declared his willingness to to step aside in the interest of getting the DA to govern Joburg.

” As we sit now officially we have 38 percent of the votes so we cannot rule on our own.”

“[But] if EFF doesn’t come with us I will already be the caucus leader for the DA in the council as opposition,”

“[The EFF is] concerned about the ANC taking over again; We trust and hope that they’re going to support us so that we can take over and run this city.”

Mashaba however laments why the EFF had to make such demand considering the fact that he had undergone very rigorous processes and campaigned for more than 18 months. “Maybe they know something we don’t know. Maybe the EFF has a valid reason for setting this condition. It’s just very awkward.” he said.

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DA leader Mmusi Maimane confirmed that the EFF had objected to voting with the DA for Mashaba, but added that he would remain the DA’s candidate.

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