Here’s How Jackson Mthembu’s Wife Thembi Mthembu Is Faring Since His Death

The late Jackson Mthembu was a quintessential leader, father, and husband. Born in Witbank in Mpumalanga Province, the astute politician was a key figure in the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Jackson Mthembu was remarkable for his willingness and ability to speak the truth and stand up against injustice. He was married to Thembi Mthembu and together, they raised six beautiful children, some of whom are notable in their chosen career paths.

Jackson Mthembu’s death was a cruel blow to the country that loved him but it was more devastating for his family. His wife, Thembi Mthembu was shattered by the grief of having to mourn her husband. Even though the minister protected his family by refusing to expose them to the spotlight, he had a beautiful home front. They had their fair share of family troubles, but together, the couple found a way to steer themselves out of scandals. Here is what we know about Thembi Mthembu and the family left to mourn the late South African minister.

Thembi Mthembu Is The Second Woman Jackson Mthembu Married

Thembi Mthembu is the wife of the late South African politician and government minister, Jackson Mthembu. She is a nursing sister at an unnamed public health institution but is mostly known as the wife of the late politician as the latter treated his family life as a private affair. There is little information available to the public regarding their marital life. However, we know that Thembi is not the first wife of late Minster Jackson Mthembu.



He was first married to the late Pinkie. S. Jackson from whom he supposedly divorced before her death. He later married Thembi Mthembu and they remained married till he passed away. While we may not know the story behind their meeting and love life, they seemed quite a happy couple as they were often seen side by side at public events often looking all loved up and smiling for the cameras.

Thembi is seen as a supportive and exemplary wife working quietly behind the scenes to provide her husband with the strength he needed to carry out his duties in peace without worrying about the home front.

Her Husband Jackson Mthembu Died Of Complications From COVID-19

Since the emergence of the coronavirus in late 2019, the world has not been the same and millions have gone to their early graves. The virus has continued to ravage the world. Minister Jackson Mthembu died from COVID-19 related complications. He was aged 62 at the time of his death. He tested positive for COVID-19 on 11 January 2021 and took to his Twitter handle to make his COVID-19 status known to the public.

He also used the avenue to highlight how real the disease was as many people at the time were yet to believe in the existence of the virus as a result of several conspiracy theories making the rounds. As a fighter, he remained hopeful in his battle against COVID-19 and made his family members and close contacts available for testing as required by the Ministry of Health.

Thembi Mthembu

The late minister was moved to Milpark Hospital on 19 January 2021 when his condition got worse. He was nursed by a certain nurse Mavis in a private room. By January 20, his condition deteriorated and he had to go through intubation as a last resort. However, the battle for his life was lost on January 21, 2021. It was a gloomy day for the nation, especially the hospital as the doctor who treated Mr. Mthembu, Dr. Rudolph Mononyane, also died in a chopper crash as he was traveling back to the KwaZulu Natal Province to treat another patient.

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The Minister’s Death Came As A Shock To South Africans, Including Mr. President

The minister’s death was a rude shock to his family and the nation at large. At 62, Mr. Mthembu lived an accomplished life. His life was a testimony to the saying “it is not how long one lives but how well”.

Jackson Mthembu had both a successful private life and career. His name is engraved in South Africa’s political history for his immense contribution towards the realization of the country’s independence. He also went from being a member of the legislature to serving as ANC’s spokesman under two different presidents and eventually becoming a Minister in the Presidency, a position he occupied until his death.

The Couple Had Six Children Together

Thembi Mthembu shared six children with her late husband; two daughters – Thuli and Khabo – and four sons (their first son is known as Vuyo; the names of the other three are not known at the moment). However, her husband, Minister Jackson shared a daughter, Nokhwezi Mthembu with his first wife, Pinkie Jackson.

Their daughter, Khabo Mthenmu was introduced to Mzansi when the minister made her graduation a near national celebration with his colleagues sending in their goodwill messages. Thembi shares a good relationship with her kids and always attends to her parental duties.

She Lost Her Step-Daughter, Khwezi To Suicide In March 2019

Like all families, the Mthembu family has had its own share of difficult times. The tragic death of Thembi Mthembu’s step-daughter on the 19th of March 2019 shook the entire family. NoKhwezi Mthembu committed suicide at the age of 25. Depression has been identified as the reason why she took her life as the family admitted that she was reclusive and always on her own in the days leading up to her death.

The Family Has Moved On From The Loss of Their Father

Thuli Mthembu has decided to draw strength from her family’s grief to preserve the memories of her loved ones. She made her TV debut a few months after her father’s death with the film Inkwenkwezi. The burgeoning talent produced and directed the movie under MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Academy this year. The movie follows the story of her sister who died from suicide and also pays tribute to her late father.

Thuli’s incredible production is dedicated to South Africans mourning the death of their loved ones. Her ability to rise above her pains has become a thing of inspiration to other young South Africans.

For Thembi Mthembu who has never been a fan of the spotlight, she has continued to keep up her privacy policies with little or nothing is known about her since the death of her husband. Nonetheless, she seems to be doing fine.

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