Here Are The Creepiest News Of The Week: From Selling A Baby To College S£x Photo


Hardly will a day go by in South Africa without news about some repulsive, weird, forbidding, eerie, disturbing, frightening, hair-raising, horrible, terrifying, scary, nightmarish awful and annoyingly unpleasant, events finding their ways onto our news platforms.

Quite unfortunate, the media are tasked with being the bringer of the bad news as it is essentially their duty to keep the society informed. And as things are absolutely often going wrong in the country, we’re not sorry to bother you with the sad, bad news below as some of such news described in the first paragraph. Lets start with the woman who sold a baby on Gum tree.

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 1. Yes, A Woman Sold A Baby For R5,000 On GumTree

GumtreeGumtree as an internet site was designed to help facilitate buying and selling activities. Thus the site is quite popular in South Africa as you’ll always get advise like “Put it on Gumtree” when you complain about not being able to sell things you want to sell. According to the site, “whether you’re looking for a car or a hairdresser, a job or a house, chances are if it’s not on our site – it doesn’t exist.” As such, the women assumed Gumtree is the right platform to market the baby.

According to reports, Hawks (South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation) confirmed that a 20-year-old woman was arrested as she sold her baby R5,000. As narrated, an undercover agent negotiated to buy the 19-month-old baby from the mother who was consequently arrested in Pietermaritzburg. The baby was given to a social worker whereas the money was recovered from the woman who will soon appear to plead her case in Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court as she is being accused of human trafficking.

2. Boys Younger Than 10 Are Suspects In The Rape Of A 4-Year Old Girl

Rape is one of the crimes that have bedeviled South Africa. The figures of the cases recorded in the latest crime statistic is outrageously alarming albeit claims of reduction in crime rate. The crime is undoubtedly, more depressingly annoying when it involves minors like the rape case opened at the Taylor’s Halt police station when a mother found her four-year-old girl bleeding in her genitals.

The police shockingly confirmed that they are investigating young boys who are younger than 10 for their involvement in the rape of the girl. Speaking on the issue, the police spokesperson, Constable Mtokozisi Ngobese related that they “are investigating a case of rape. It is quite a sensitive case, therefore the circumstances are confidential and cannot be discussed at this point”. And as though rape crimes in South Africa are funny, college kids disgusted South Africans with their “mock rape” picture.

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3. The Hilton College Mock-Rape Picture


Like said earlier, rape is never a subject to joke with. Not in South Africa where the crime is fast becoming a culture. The sufferings of rape victims are unfunny and agonizing. Hence the outrage over a photo depicting four boys in Hilton College uniform, with another in St Anne’s Diocesan uniform, dressed as a girl having sexual intercourse with boys in a classroom is understandable.

The picture which was shared on Twitter was culled from an Instagram account of a user who attends the school. Reacting to the issue, the head of Hilton College, Peter Ducasse stated that school management is “appalled and cannot condemn this sufficiently strongly…we are urgently investigating the matter and view it in a very serious light. We will take appropriate disciplinary action once the investigation is complete”. Similarly, the head of St Anne’s College, Dave Argyle commented that the picture is “a slur on all women, even though it is clearly a boy in a St Anne’s uniform”. Meanwhile, the picture generated debates on social sites with those dismissing the picture as “joke” excessively word-lashed by others who believe the picture is saying much about the future of South Africa inline with rape and womanhood.

4. A Gang Attacked Two Couples, Raped One Of The Wives And Drowned The Husbands

Just when you think the news can’t possibly get worst, some urchins will prove you wrong. According to the tale, two men were walking alongside their wives at Rhodes Park when a gang of 12 attacked them. While one of the wives ran away, the gang held down the other wife who was raped by one of them. Unsatisfied, they tied up the husbands with their clothes and threw them into a dam at the park where they both drowned.

5. And A Body Was Found In Cape Town Canal With Face Skinned

Barbaric right? I know. Throughout history, humans have always found reason to be inhumane, cruel and brutal to other humans. As it happened, a body (female) was found dumped in a trash-bin at Milnerton canal with the victim’s face skinned. The spokesperson of South African Paramedic Services, Warren Cupido, explained that the facial skin was removed in order to make the identification of the body difficult.

Meanwhile, as the cause of the unidentified woman’s death and the motive of her murder are yet to be established, no arrest has been made.

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