Here We Go Again – Zuma Blames Our Ancestors For His Hobbling Governance


How long are we going to make excuses? We virtually have a ready excuse for every negative happening in South Africa. We have excused away the poverty, we have excuses for the robberies, there are excuses for car-jacking, hi-jacking buildings, unemployment, farm attacks, rapes, murders, dwindling power supply, and the endless list of other occurrences afflicting South Africa and somehow apartheid is being blamed for everything wrong. For heaven’s sake, isn’t over 20 years enough to stop complaining and install meaningful changes? Obviously, it isn’t to Zuma as he again, in the conventional South African way excuses the present troubles of South Africa and blames it on apartheid.

While claiming his government was handling the problems distressing the country “in a very calculated way so that they don’t spark problems”, Zuma yesterday opined that it’s not fair to compare South Africa with other nations in such issues like economic growth and Job creation considering the fact that these nations did not experience apartheid.

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Well, someone has to remind our president that these countries had their own issues.For instance, Nigeria went through a civil war and is presently plagued by Boko Haram. Yet the nation is crowned as the largest economy of Africa, and their president(s) do not go about blaming the civil war as the cause of every negative problem of the country. Zuma should do himself, the ANC and the whole South Africa a favor and come up with a more excusable excuse, or simply quit office. Blaming apartheid is really a boring cliché.

According to Zuma, “Other countries in Africa never had a racially based economy. Never. We are faced with those kinds of problems today. Our unskilled huge majority is a result of the system. If all South Africans were skilled and normal, I’m sure our position would be totally different…We are trying to address the legacy of apartheid and it is going to be with us for a long time. In other countries there was no Land Act of 1913.” 

He further supported his opinion and said “what South Africa faces is different from other countries. Other countries had administrators who came to administer colonialism. South Africa was colonized, the major colonizer left and South Africans colonized one another.” Don’t ask me, I can’t tell what Zuma is trying to relate here but one thing is clear. Zuma is surly flagging South Africa as the nation that have suffered most colonially. Well, that’s absolutely untrue, and even if it’s so, it is totally unrelated to the current degradation of South Africa for we can all attest to the fact that South Africa is well-off before Zuma took over.

Also, the president believed all is well in South Africa. In line with that, he stated he “wouldn’t say in South Africa there is doom and gloom. I think we can argue what we have done in 21 years…we have policies that are very clear, aligned with the poor people and the working class. In other countries there are no policies aligned whatever.”

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Meanwhile, the president with Jeff Radebe, the finance minister Nhlanhla Nene and the rural development minister Gugile Nkwinti are confident better days are ahead in South Africa despite the snail-like economic growth. To them, South Africa’s economy is expected to expand over the next three years. They admitted that “electricity shortages are currently costing the economy close to one percentage point in economic growth” and equally expect the electricity constraints to improve.

In all, we all have to stop making excuses, especially the apartheid excuses. And with all due respect to our president, you have to fix our problems. Fix our problems, that was the only reason you were elected as president. If you can’t make South Africa better, do humbly allow a capable South African do the job. We’re all tired and depressed with the apartheid excuse.

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