Here Are The Students With The Best Matric Results


Generally, there is a 98.30% pass rate in the 2015 Matric results. From 200 schools across Southern Africa, 10,212 full-time and 563 part-time candidates wrote the Independent Examination Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations. 10,038 pupils among the full-time candidates excelled as they all received a passing grade that will enable them study at the tertiary level in one of the three sub-levels.

To be precise, 85.26% of the candidates attained the pass grade for degree study, 11.66% gained entry to diploma study whereas 1.37% obtained the pass grade for study at the higher certificate level.

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Also, while  56 candidates earned outstanding achievements and were ranked within the top 5 percent of all IEB pupils in six or more subjects, and achieved 80% or more in life orientation, 78 candidates earned commendable achievements. Check out some of the top performing candidates underneath.

1. Lisa Rahman From St Stithians Girls’ College With 11 Distinctions

Lisa RahmanSo far, Lisa Rahman has the best result. With 11 distinctions in  Accounting, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Business Studies, English Home Language, Equine Studies, Geography, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Music, Physical Sciences and Advanced Programme Mathematics, She related that she didn’t start working hard in matric or in Grade 10. According to her;

It has always been a goal and I have been preparing since I was in Grade 1. I made sure I was in consistent in my work and I was diligent and worked hard in every single assignment, and prepared for tests…When everyone else was having a good time out on a Friday evening, I was sitting at home working and it paid off

Lisa intends to study actuarial science at the University of Pretoria next year.

2. Anna Chrysostomou From SAHETI School With 10 Distinctions

Anna CIf Lisa has the best matric result, then Anna’s is the most inspiring. Irrespective of the fact that Anna suffers from scoliosis, she triumphed and emerged as the candidate with the best results. As stated in SAHETI school site, “Anna achieved a full house of ten distinctions (highest number of distinctions at SAHETI). She achieved an average of 90.5% and was also ranked within the top 1% of IEB learners nationally in English, History and Life Orientation.”

Advising students who are going through challenges, Anna stated;

Always try your best at everything that you do, no matter what obstacles you’re facing and be grateful for what you do have.

Anna plans to study astrophysics at Wits University next year.

3. Carmen Botes From Kingsmead College With 10 Distinctions

BotesThe picture above was presented by Kingsmead College to celebrate their students “who achieved superb results in the IEB NSC Matric exams” Carmen Botes who is leading with 10 distinctions commented that “It’s important to study throughout the year and not just at the end.” Although Carmen is yet to decide if she’ll be starting her tertiary studies next year, she related that she “applied for astronomy, architecture and a general BA and haven’t decided which to study yet. If I can’t decide, I’ll take a gap year and hopefully go to France for a while to improve my French.”

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4. Logan Geldenhuys From St John’s College With 10 Distinctions

G LoganOut of the 12 subjects Logan Geldenhuys took in his matric, he got 10 distinctions. Talking about school, Geldenhuys narrated that;

The thing about school is that you don’t just have academics, there is so much else involved. I did the president’s award and I was also active in music. The trick was to make sure you worked effectively…You couldn’t waste time and sit around just looking at your books and doing nothing for a few hours. Every time I worked, I ensured I was working hard and getting stuff done. I actually managed to cut the work down and go out as well.

Geldenhuys’ headmaster, Paul Edey said it is amazing for Geldenhuys to offer so many subjects and pass so well. According to Edey, “It was double what other people were doing. He was not simply a person who swotted all day, but he participated in all his extra-mural activities. I am delighted with the results.”

5. Ilan Malkin From King David High School With 10 Distinctions

IlanIlan Malkin got 10 distinctions. The secret of his success according to him, is his approach to learning. He treats “the information from school not just as facts, but as knowledge. There is a distinction between how people interact with the two. Facts are just things you have to learn because it’s in your exam, while knowledge is something that applies to your actual life,” Malkin explained.

6. Ro-ee Tal From King David Linksfield With 10 Distinctions

Ro-ee TalRo-ee Tal was a member of the student representative council, and as well-played rugby and soccer for the first teams at King David Linksfield. Those are demanding and time-consuming responsibilities. How then did Tal manage to earn his 10 distinctions? Well, he obviously  worked harder and managed his time well. According to him;

I worked out what amount of work I had to put in where and when because I set a benchmark for myself of what I wanted to achieve…I tried to focus as much as I could in class so that I could have more time for other activities. If you listen well at school, you can do well and ensure you have enough time to do other things during the day.

7. Asante Nxumalo From St Stithians College With 8 Distinctions

Asante Nxumalo 1Asante Nxumalo got himself 8 distinctions in all 8 subjects he wrote. Like every other candidate with outstanding performance, Nxumalo worked very hard that he commented after he saw his good grades that he ought to have relaxed more and had more fun during his final year in high school. “I shouldn’t have taken myself as seriously. If I could have done something differently I would have enjoyed myself a little more,” he said. And added;

I got used to being under pressure. As the head boy you are always in the spotlight. I just acclimatised to the pressure and focused on the end. I always aim for a 100 and if you fall short of a 100 you end up in the 90s.

8. Rose Robinson From Southdowns College With 8 Distinctions

Tamaryn-RoseTamaryn-Rose Robinson was probably studying and thinking she isn’t studying enough. With her outstanding performance, she related that the 8 distinctions she got is “incredibly overwhelming” as she was not very confident about her performance in the finals. “I am so shocked,” she added.

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