Here Are 10 Things Successful People Never Do


When it comes to the pursuit of success, everyone is in the race. There’re a lot of trial and error to go through in order to succeed. The truth is that there’s no universal definition of success, it looks different and means different things to different people.

But the truth is, regardless of what success looks like to you, you’re going to have to learn from your errors in order to progress. To learn and move forward is the only true path to success, it is important to never return to something that did not work out. With that in mind, there are definitely certain things successful people never do again; here are some:

1. Make The Same Mistake Twice

As earlier mentioned, it is important to move on in order to succeed. Never return to what did not work the first time. It doesn’t matter if it is a relationship or a job, just always remember that things did not work out for a good reason. It is crazy to return to that situation expecting different results. The only outcome in such a situation would be making the same mistake twice, which gets you nowhere.

2. Choose Immediate Satisfaction Over Long Term Profit

The truth is, we have to sacrifice to achieve our dreams – there’s no other way around it. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. This simply means that there will be many times you’d have to sacrifice something you want now for something you’ll need in the future.

Successful people make the hard but right choice. Taking immediate gratification over long-term benefit is a guaranteed way to never achieve your goals. Truth is, once you achieve your goals, all your sacrifices will be worth it and even forgotten.

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3. Try To Please Everyone

This is one of the trickiest situations out there. It is okay to want to make everyone happy but the truth is that you can’t, knowing that saves you a lot of time and disappointment. Trying to make everyone happy only wears you out, no matter the choice you make someone will definitely be left unhappy. The only option here is to make the best choice for yourself and live with no regrets.

4. Do Anything That Requires You To Be Untrue To Yourself

Things Successful People Never Do

It is common practice for people to compromise – compromise in business, compromise in relationships, compromise in life. That is not necessarily a bad thing, compromise furthers situations.

However, the problem comes when the compromise is not true to who you are at your core or when it goes against a fundamental belief you have. You only end up changing yourself, and you won’t like who you become.

Stick to your beliefs and ensure that every choice you make and every decision you take is for the right reasons. That way, you’re able to live with the person you wake up as every morning.

5. In The Same Vein, Successful People Don’t Try To Change Someone Else

As you remain true to yourself, you should also enable those around you to remain true to themselves as well. Do not try to change your peers and allies to suit your belief of perfection or success, this only fosters resentment. They resent you for trying to change them, and you resent them for not doing as you tell them.

If you see someone around you becoming a person you don’t like, you talk to them about it – the choice to change should be theirs and not yours to make.

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6. Trust Situations That Are Too Good To Be True

There are no two ways to say this: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. It is only human nature to want to trust in something that ‘glitters’ and seems perfect (See: MMM). However, when things seem too perfect, they never are. Successful people know this, so they stay away from situations like these. Avoid shortcuts, choose to work hard instead. With this formula, success will be yours no matter what.

path to success

7. Ignore Due Diligence

It doesn’t matter how good things seem to be going, always take a deep look. Investigate, research, do the work until you’re sure everything is as it should be. Whether it’s in business, relationships, friendships or investments – due diligence never hurt anyone. This way you’re ready for anything that the situation might throw at you. It’s never wise to be caught off guard.

8. Forget That Inner Happiness Matters too

Many times we focus too much on achieving success which can be interpreted in material things that we forget to be happy. We forget to slow down and appreciate the finer, ‘smaller’ things in life. To be successful, you don’t need to sacrifice your happiness. On the contrary, your happiness plays an important role in your success.

When you’re happy with yourself and your results, you’re inspired to do more. For this to happen, you need to stop focusing on things that did not work or things that made you upset and focus on the positivity instead, this not only encourages you but it also helps you appreciate yourself more.

To Succeed

9. Victimize Yourself

This one goes without saying, never see yourself as the victim. Sure, you didn’t lose as much weight as you expected to or that relationship did not work out or that business deal did not go through. That’s that, learn from it and move on. Granted, it’s easier said than done but the whole process of learning from it makes moving on a lot easier.

Ask yourself: How did I get to this situation? How come things didn’t work out? How do I make sure that I’m never back here again? This is as therapeutic as any process can be.

10. Forget About The Big Picture

You can never succeed if you take your eyes off the big picture. Of course you get distracted every once in a while, but never stray too far from the path – always make sure to find your way back to the road to success. The big picture is what should guide you in every choice you make. This is similar to choosing short-term satisfaction over long-term benefits. Regardless of what your definition of success is, if you know what you’re working for and why you’re working for it, you’ll never let yourself get distracted or forget the big picture.