Help Reaches Cape Town As The Fire Rages On


The fire which broke out in Cape town three days back does not seen to be abating even after the continuous and unending battle to put it out. The multiple fire broke out in the mountains over Muizenberg and is rapidly spreading to surrounding areas, laying to waste thousands of hectares of vegetation and destroying a number homes while two retirement villages had to be evacuated as a precaution.

The meter-high flames ravaged large tracts in Lakeside, Noordhoek and Hout Bay, leaving only charred structures and ash clouds in its wake. Efforts to contain the rage has entered a third day, and the major concern is that if the wind takes another turn, the firefighters will have an almost invincible task on their hands. Such fires are common in the area from November to May, when weather conditions are hot and windy, but it has been hotter than usual in recent weeks.

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Even as they battle the fire, investigations have been set up to determine the cause of the fire. While the cause of the fire is still unknown, private forensic consultant David Klatzow says several aspects are concerning.

“It would appear that these fires started somewhere in the region of Boyes Drive high on the hillside late at night. That’s concerning because generally you would seek accidental human agency like some idiot tossing a cigarette.”

As soon as the day broke, Helicopters resumed water bombing the area as fire crews are unable to reach the Tokai blaze. The wind, which is far more subdued, seems to be playing along today but the fires are far from being put out.

With the realization that the fire would take combined efforts of both fire fighters and locals alike, an estimated 300 firefighters are now actively working to extinguish what has been termed one of Cape Town’s worst fires in years, with reinforcements from other provinces. Meanwhile, Communities in fire-affected areas have opened their hearts to fatigued fire crews. People have arrived from near and far to donate food parcels at the Lakeside Fire Station.

Food, toiletries and medical supplies came in abundance from locals wanting to help firefighters make it through the night. One resident has even given up his time to receive and pack donations. He says many people have made donations.

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“Everyone; rich people, poor people bring cool drinks, water and ice, it’s fantastic.”

The Lakeside Fire Station is one of several locations to receive donations. Businessman Clive Goss has donated hundreds of sandwiches and bottles.

“I don’t think people realize what good work the firefighters are doing. I don’t think people realize what it’s like to be out there where it’s hot like this. It’s males and females and they are working really hard.”

We are encouraged to volunteer either personally or voluntarily to help stop the fire and assist the firefighters. Scroll down to see more photos of the blaze:

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Cape Town 090318: Fire ripping through Devil's Peak. photo Daylin Paul

Image source: News24


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