Hear Mugabe’s Famous Take On The Nigerian Witch Doctors Plotting His Death


For most people who have not clocked 40, life is very enjoyable but they do say life begins at 40 right? Well for Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, life begins at 91 and he has demonstrated that with the big controversial bash he had on the 28th of February. President Mugabe is definitely not thinking of resting or dying anytime soon and to those who want him dead, well you are definitely in for a surprise.

President Mugabe has alleged that his former Vice President who was his deputy for 10 years, and other top officials in his ruling Zanu-PF sought the services of Nigerian witch doctors in a bid to kill him. The Africa Review reports that President Mugabe made the bizarre claims over the weekend as he celebrated his 91st birthday at the lavish party hosted by the party’s communist-styled 21st February movement.

Zimbabwe Mugabe Birthday Celebrations

According the report, the veteran ruler, who has been in power since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980, claims he was ordained by God to rule forever, and as such, people should not be in a haste to want to do away with him.

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He told party supporters at the celebrations held at a top hotel in the resort town of Victoria Falls that sacked Vice-President Joice Mujuru used two Nigerian witch doctors in her alleged plot to have him killed. People have been wanting to know how he found out and it seems the simplest answer to that is the Nigerian proverb that says ‘what an elder sees sitting down, even if a child climbs the highest Iroko tree, he would never see it’.

“We managed to know what Ms Mujuru was doing at her house, even consulting witch doctors,” he claimed.

“Recently she invited two Nigerian witch doctors. We heard that they were specialists in the field of witchcraft. They were specialists, yes, but specialists in robbing people, foolish people.”

He went on to say that the Nigerian witch doctors ordered Ms Mujuru to buy chickens that were named after herself, the President, his wife and Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The President claimed she performed the rituals naked, but his major concern was “Where do these Nigerians get the powers to entrap the soul of a human being into a chicken or sheep and then kill him?

“God is for us all. I also go to church, I do not believe in superstition. We were taught God’s teachings.” insisted Mugabe.

Zimbabwe Mugabe Birthday Celebrations

The 91-year-old maintained that Ms Mujuru who was sacked together with more than 10 Cabinet ministers for allegedly plotting to assassinate President Mugabe and being involved in corrupt activities, was very desperate to push him out of power even after he won an election in 2013.

The former VP has repeatedly denied these allegations and some of the ministers were preparing a court application to challenge their expulsion from Zanu-PF.

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In response to the allegations, Joice Mujuru has described Mugabe’s claims as ‘presidential fancy and lies’. She insisted that she has been a victim of a barrage of attacks from President Mugabe, his wife and top ruling Zanu PF officials but that the onslaught against her had reached new lows.

“I am a committed Christian and was the leader of apostolic churches as patron and I have been committed to Christian life and values all of my life,” she said in a statement on Tuesday.

“It is disturbing that the allegations that I tried to or was part of a conspiracy to assassinate the president have now been reduced to allegations of witchcraft, whose versions change on a daily basis.

“I am sure even the ordinary Zimbabwean has become tired of this story in its various guises. It’s a charade which has lost steam,” she said.

“I have said it before and I repeat it again, I don’t do such, I am innocent of all these charges and I am ready to face the allegation(s) in open court or any other public forum within the Zanu PF constitutional structures.

“I fought for the liberation of this country and hold the ideals of the liberation struggle and Zanu PF close to my heart. I have not betrayed my party nor its leadership,” she added.

In a thinly veiled threat to President Mugabe, Ms Mujuru said she had all along remained quiet out of respect for the veteran ruler as party leader and her silence should not be viewed as a sign of weakness or guilt.

Despite these claims which began since October last year, Ms Mujuru has not been charged with any crime. President Mugabe on the other hand has repeatedly threatened that the sacked government officials would be sent to jail for alleged corruption, but no action has been taken up till now.

Last year, Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs ministry summoned Zimbabwean envoy in Abuja Stanley Kunjeku to protest after President Mugabe said Nigerians were corrupt.

The Nigerian government at the time said it had lodged ‘the strongest protest’ against the veteran ruler’s statements. However, everything seem to have died down naturally until he brought up the witch doctor saga last week-end.

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