“He Raped My Dog”- What Is Wrong With South Africans?


53,617 sexual offences were recorded in the current South Africa’s crime statistics. We’re however unaware if the figure includes sexual “offences” between a human and an animal for as far as we can tell, bestiality is still regarded as a common law offence in South Africa despite the 2007 Amendment Act on Criminal Laws relating to sexual offences that invalidated the common law offence of bestiality, enacting corresponding new statutory which stipulated that:

A person (“A”) who unlawfully and intentionally commits an act—

(a)which causes penetration to any extent whatsoever by the genital organs of—

(i)A into or beyond the mouth, genital organs or anus of an animal; or

(ii)an animal into or beyond the mouth, genital organs or anus of A; or

(b)of masturbation of an animal, unless such act is committed for scientific reasons or breeding purposes, or of masturbation with an animal, is guilty of the offence of bestiality.

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Unlike crimes like robbery and murder, there was no clear-cut specific legislation against bestiality in South Africa until 2007. That however didn’t quell bestiality in the country. Certain South Africans simply can’t disregard the odd urge to copulate with dogs, donkey, cows, sheep, camels, pigs and even chickens.

For instance, some Grahamstown youths were busted gang raping a dog, we read about the Mpumalanga man shot while resisting arrest when he was caught making love to a pig, we’ve seen a Pretoria woman guilty of having sex with two dogs, a Transkei man was jailed for 12 month without option for fine when he sexed a sheep, a Free State farm worker was arrested when he was nabbed with his trousers down his knees mating a cow and currently, a 32-year-old man in Motla Village near Hammanskrall, Tshwane is behind bars, facing a bestiality charge as he allegedly had sex with his client’s dog.

According to the report, the client Shela Molema caught the man with her dog in his bed, he tried to hide the dog, but failed as the bitch noticed the presence of its owner and jumped into her arms.

Shela narrated that she contracted and paid the man R250 to repair her leaking roof. The man left, promising to return the next day to finish-up mending the roof. She however noticed after the man left, that Stompie; her nine-year-old dog is missing. When she went to fetch the man to complete his job as agreed, she caught him in bed with her dog.

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In her account,

“I knocked several times, and he kept saying, ‘I’m coming to open’. When I opened the door I couldn’t believe what I saw – the man was with Stompie in bed!…He tried to hide Stompie, but she jumped on me. Stompie’s genitals were swollen and injured…I took my dog home and told Tshwane SPCA’s inspector Mishack Matlou and the police…I am disappointed that the man I trusted abused my dog!”

While the accused insisted that Shela’s accusations are false, the dog’s hairs were found on his bed, and Matlou confirmed that Stompie was badly ­injured, and added that the Onderstepoort Veterinary Clinic found semen in the dog’s genitalia. Meanwhile, Constable Herman Moremi said the man would appear in the Moretele Magistrates Court soon.

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