Hawks Confirms Plans To Have Zuma Investigated On Corruption Charges


South Africa’s investigative unit, the Hawks, has confirmed its plan to have President Jacob Zuma investigated over corruption charges.

This is according to the Democratic Alliance leader, Mmusi Maimane who said he has received letter from the investigative unit confirming they will investigate charges of corruption the party has brought against the president.

“This weekend, I received official confirmation from the Head of the Serious Commercial Crimes Unit at the Hawks, that the criminal charges I laid against Jacob Zuma last week will be investigated,” Maimane said, adding that he would be meeting with the unit officials in few days as the investigation begins.

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“This means we are another step closer to seeing Jacob Zuma face the consequences of his corruption.” he said.

The corruption charges brought against Zuma was on the grounds raised in the recently published Public Protector report on state capture, in which the DA believes there are enough prima facie evidence to set up a case of corruption against him.

Zuma had, among other issues, been accused of allowing the Gupta family to exert undue influence over government, including the appointment of ministers, and being granted preferential treatment by state owned companies.

Though the president repeatedly denies the claim, the DA believes the claims are true. Maimane also pointed out that the latest charges are on top of the 783 charges of fraud and corruption currently hanging over Zuma’s head.

“Corruption is the enemy which steals opportunity from our people. It steals jobs, healthcare, basic services, and the change of a better life,” Maimane said.

“The DA will continue to wage the war on corruption. Whether in government, or in opposition, we will use the Courts, Parliament, and the Public Protector, to ensure justice is served and those who steal the people’s money are prosecuted.”

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Meanwhile, Zuma denied being corrupt or having shady dealing with corrupt individuals, but noted that he knew those stealing from the people.

“They say Zuma steals while they are the worst thieves. They have investigated me all over but they are finding nothing because I’m not doing anything. If they have found it, it would be over [for me]. Those are the thieves and I know they are stealing. I’m just watching them. I know them.” Zuma said in his recent speech while he awaits Hawks questionings.

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