Don’t Link Me To Apartheid Police, Hawks’ Boss Tells YCL


The National Head of the Hawks Lieutenant General Mthandazo Ntlemeza issued a media statement calling on the Young Communist League (YCL) to stop making remarks that link him to the apartheid police.

YCL reportedly alleged that Ntlemeza was an apartheid security branch member and demanded his removal as Hawks’ National Head.

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Describing YCL’s remarks as “reckless utterances”, Ntlemeza disclosed that he was shocked and disgusted when he learnt of the allegation levelled against him by the league.

Referiing to the sensitivity of Sout Africa’s history, the many innocent people who lost their lives and others who are still searching for their lost loved ones, Ntlemeza pointed out that YCL’s statements are very dangerous.

“The YCL should be ashamed of themselves and should apologize for their insensitivity to the Lieutenant General Ntlemeza and the South African public for their fabrications and bringing the security of this beautiful country into disrepute.

It is ridiculous and utter garbage to even suggest that Lieutenant General Ntlemeza was in one point of his professional life associated with the so called special branch or security branch. We are also aware that these irresponsible statements are not attributed to the National Head only but also senior members of the South African Police Service (SAPS).

The YCL as a progressive youth organisation should be assisting the Hawks but instead they are clearly forming part of the pessimists who continue to fuel untruths to the South African public,” said the statement.

It added that Ntlemeza was never worked or participated in any activities of the illegal activities of the apartheid police.

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And, asserted that Hawks will not be deterred by cheap politicking.

“Members of the HAWKS should not be intimidated by power or influence…Instead, members of the HAWKS should continue to work vigorously without fear or favour to investigate any case reported against any person in this country no matter how influential his or her position,” the statement charged.

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