Has ISIS Set Its Sight On SA? See How A South African Teenager Tried To Join Them


In this recent age of terrorism, the internet seems to be doing more harm than good in stopping the activities of terror groups who seem intent on making the best use of the internet to further their agenda and widen their areas of coverage. From all of the stories circulating about how Isis has been so successful in recruiting people online, one begins to wonder how they do it. What do they say to these young people that make them want to abandon home and run to danger and to death?

Over time and because Africa has not seen much of the terror organization until Boko Haram came to Nigeria and Al Shabaab visited Kenya, people have started taking the tenacity of these terror groups for granted and underestimating what they are capable of doing next. When Al Shabaab visited Kenya and unleashed terror like Kenyans have never seen on their native soil, It was revealed that one of their own had assisted the terror group, we sit in our homes far away from Kenya and sympathize with them without a thought as to how we can prevent such from happening to us.

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Some Months back, it was revealed that the infamous Jihadi John almost entered South Africa. Because he almost did, many people did not appreciate the reign of terror that his almost entrance had spared us.

In a more recent trend, however, state security has confirmed that a 15-year-old South African girl was on Sunday pulled from a flight moments before trying to leave the country to join the Islamic State (Isis) Jihadists. The girl had been reported missing by her grandparents on Sunday morning when she disappeared from her Cape Town home. She was later found on a British Airways flight bound for Johannesburg that day.

The girl was reportedly heading for Turkey, where she was allegedly planning to cross the border into Syria.

According to local reports, investigators found evidence in the girl’s room linking her to recruiters for IS, Jihadists who have captured swathes of Syria and Iraq and who have attracted hundreds of foreign fighters.

“An investigation is under way as to how far this network goes, whether there is a cell in the country, and what the methods of recruiting and funding are,” Mahlobo told The Star.

“We cannot allow South Africa to be used as a recruitment space.”

The girl was released into the care of her family after being questioned.

In February, the United Nations Security Council warned South Africa against terror groups that may use the country as an operational base. So this begs the question, how much attention is ISIS focusing on South Africa. If this one girl was caught, how many others have succeeded in traveling out and how much more will attempt to join them.

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