Hans Strydom Bio: What is the Actor’s Age and Does He Have a Wife?

Hans Strydom is currently 77 years old. He was born on May 14, 1947, and he is not married. The famous South African actor and producer is best known for his roles in The Gods Must Be Crazy 2 and Binnelanders.

Summary of Hans Strydom’s Bio

  • Full name: Johannes Hans Strydom
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: May 14, 1947
  • Place of Birth: Durban, Natal, South Africa
  • Hans Strydom’s Age: 77 years old
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Hans Strydom’s Wife: Catharina Ras
  • Education: Potchefstroom University
  • Famous for: Being the first South African to appear on TV
  • Hans Strydom’s Net worth: $600,000

How Old is Hans Strydom from Binnelanders Now?

Hans Strydom was born on May 14, 1947, and is currently 77 years old. He was born in Durban, Natal, South Africa, where he grew up and witnessed the Apartheid. Strydom lives a very private life and does not readily reveal information about his private life to the media. As such, we could not verify the details of his parents, siblings, or the kind of background he had growing up.

Hans Strydom Has Built a Successful Career as an Actor

Hans Strydom is very talented, and his talents cut across various sectors. For his age, he is very successful and has tried his hands at other things asides from acting. Below is the highlight of his career as a lawyer, actor, and producer.

He Originally Wanted To Be a Lawyer

Having witnessed and been a victim of the South African Apartheid, Hans Strydom vowed to fight for the rights of Black South Africans and other marginalized groups, and this influenced his decision to become a lawyer.

For his education, Hans attended the North-West University, although his course of study is unknown. After he graduated from the university, Hans Strydom proceeded to Potchefstroom University, where he acquired a law degree (LLB).

He began his law career in 1964 when he applied for and got a job at the South African Department of Justice at the Durban Magistrate court. He continued working there till 1972 when he moved on to become a public prosecutor in Ladysmith. He served as a public prosecutor for years till his resignation in 1976.

Hans Strydom First Started Acting at the Age of 29

After his resignation as a public prosecutor, Hans decided to pursue a career in acting. Hans was one of the first two South Africans to appear on television. Together with David Hall-Green, he gave the country’s first national broadcast in 1976.

Following his skill and expertise during the national broadcast, he appeared in several other popular Television series like Binnelanders, Plek van die Vleisvreters, and Westgate, amongst others. In 1976, Hans Strydom debuted in film with his appearance in Someone Like You.

Once more, he displayed great expertise in his interpretation of the role and this got him further roles in numerous other South African films like Diamond and the Thief (1978), Autumn Land (1982), and the 1989 blockbuster The Gods Must Be Crazy II.

He Won His First Acting Award in 2017

Hans has always perfectly interpreted his roles in the various TV series and films he has appeared in and in 2017, 41 years after he first started acting, he was nominated for the AKTV best actor award. The nomination was for his excellent performance in the 2017 movie Binnelanders, and he emerged the winner.

Hans Strydom’s Filmography

  • More, more 1973
  • Liefste Veertjie 1975
  • Olie Kolonie 1975
  • Ter Wille Van Christine 1975
  • Verget my Nie 1976
  • ‘n Beeld vir Jeannie 1976
  • Diamant en die Dief 1978
  • Sonja 1978
  • Someone Like You 1978
  • Die Eensame Vlug 1973
  • Herfsland 1979
  • Westgate 1981
  • Slampampersikus 1982
  • Danie Theron 1983
  • The Emissary 1988
  • The Gods Must be Crazy 1989
  • Die Binnerking II 1992
  • Die Manakwalanners 1993
  • Hangcheim: streng Privaat 1996
  • Carpe Diem 1997
  • Vote van Goud 1998
  • Arsenaal 2002
  • Plek van die Vleisvreters 2004
  • Oepse Daisy 2005
  • Binnelanders 2005-2021

Hans Strydom Became a Film Producer in 1986

Hans has also ventured into film production. In 1986, he was an Assistant Director in the TV series Die Mannheim-Sage, in which he also acted. Additionally, he worked in the sound department as the dubbing director in Die Mannheim-Sage. In 1976, he served as the Production Manager for the film ‘n Sondang in September, in which he also acted.

What is Hans Strydom’s Net Worth?

Hans Strydom has an estimated net worth of $672,000. Although the actor has never revealed his earnings, this estimate comes from the estimated salary and income of a South African actor.

He Championed the Rights of other South African Entertainers

In 2002, he sued the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) for its refusal to appropriately give actors their rewards and honors for rebroadcasting and television show reruns. He won the case, and the court duly fined the SABC, and payment was made to the actors.

This brave act by Hans won the hearts of South African actors, and since then, he has been at the forefront of representing the actors and artists to ensure that they receive the allocated fees from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

Hans Strydom Has Kept His Marital Life Secret

Hans Strydom has managed to keep details of his love life away from the media. Although sources state that he is currently married to a woman named Catharina Rais, there are no other details to back up the fact. We could not verify information about how or when the couple met when they got married, the number of children their union has produced, and the current lifestyles of the children.

We were also unable to confirm information about any previous relationships he had, or if he had ever been entangled in any romantic scandal. In addition to this, Hans has stayed clear of any relationship scandals.

Where is Hans Strydom Now?

After over 40 years of being in the film and the entertainment industry Hans Strydom is currently enjoying his retirement on his Krugersdorp farm, where he takes care of his cows and sheep. Despite having had a successful acting career and appearing in many TV series and films, he still keeps away from the media and does not grant any interviews.

However, Hans still appears as a guest in several TV shows. He is not active on any social media platforms, and as such, we could not keep track of his current hobbies and other life activities.

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