Guess Why Hammanskraal Residents Were Refused EPWP Jobs


Did you know Hammanskraal residents were refused EPWP jobs because they weren’t card-carrying ANC members? I bet you’re doubting that, huh?

Anyway, DA Mayoral Candidate for Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, was accompanied to Temba Police Station by a group of residents to complete affidavits regarding corruption in the allocation of EPWP jobs by the ANC in Tshwane.

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The affidavits which detailed the corrupt practices of the ANC in the allocation of EPWP jobs in the City of Tshwane, alleged that residents were refused EPWP jobs because they were not card-carrying ANC members. Other, were asked for bribes by ANC councillors in exchange for the jobs.

Speaking outside the Temba Police Station, Msimanga asserted that “the corruption of the ANC is a cancer in the City of Tshwane that is preventing residents from accessing the opportunities they deserve.”

According to him, he wailed about the allegations against the ANC in the allocation of the EPWP jobs the previous months to Mayor Ramokgopa but was challenged to bring the evidence.

“Today I have the affidavits and I now put the challenge to the outgoing Mayor who has presided over this corruption. How will he explain the wide scale corruption in the EPWP program in the City of Tshwane?” Msimanga queried.

The Mayoral Candidate argued that the EPWP program was meant to benefit South Africans and ought to be managed to enable the allocation of jobs in a fair and transparent fashion.

That, he said, “will not happen so long as the program is used as a tool for the ANC to maintain its support.

There are currently 517,000 people in Tshwane who do not have jobs, or who have given up looking for jobs…ANC has failed the people of Tshwane, 1 in 3 who remain unemployed as a result of their inability to create jobs and grow the City’s economy.

The EPWP jobs that should serve as a platform for residents to gain experience and skills are being reserved for card-carrying ANC members, and the friends and family of ANC councillors in Tshwane.

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This is the corruption that is preventing Tshwane from expanding opportunities to all its residents. This is the corruption that is preventing this City from making progress,” Msimanga remarked.