Gym Rules: A Must Read For Users


The Gymnasium is one of the most frequented places for exercise in the present day outside one’s home. The Gym as popularly called is a three-letter word clipped  from  the term “Gymnasium”. In ancient Greece, gymnasium was considered very important and essential in the development of the body and soul. Hence, gymnasium was popular as each state had at least one and most gyms were primarily used for military preparation or sports.

“Gymnasion”, which is the Greek word for Gymnasium literally means “school for naked exercise”. Erection of gymnasiums in public schools in ancient Greece was very important because boys of 18 years and above, who were considered physically fit had to train and receive trainings from their gymnasiarchs (coaches). On the other hand, private schools built Palaestrae for the physical training of boys.

As time flew by, gymnasiums metamorphosed from ordinary places of mere exercise to a more structural building typically built for the fitness of the whole body incorporating places like baths, training apartments, dressing room, competitors arena and so on.

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Therefore a gymnasium is defined as a covered or open place equipped largely for the performance of various sports. In a typical modern gymnasium, overwhelming equipment like suspension trainers, back machines, storage racks, chest and shoulders machines, leverages machines, dumbbells and kettlebells, leg machines and so on are extensively used to keep body and soul together.

It is not out-of-place for South African women to visit the gym or have a thorough exercise but in doing this, cautious measures must be taken to ensure safety in the midst of the rigorous exercise. It is imperative also to state that certain words should be assimilated so as not to appear odd in the midst of “regulars”. Here are some emboldened gym terminologies you might find interesting:

1. When you spot someone in the gym, you are lending a helping hand to him to do a particular exercise. Eg. please, can you spot me?

2. The maximum amount of weight one lifts in a single repetition is called one Rep Max

3. The amount of muscle one has is referred to as Lean Mass

4. When someone is on “juice”, the person is simply on steroids- steroid is any anabolic hormone used to promote muscle growth

5. When one refers to someone as being jacked, it simply means that the person being talked about has a lot of muscles.

6. Hams refers to Hamstrings, which is located at the back of the thigh. Tris– triceps, Bis– Biceps, and Quads-  quadriceps

7. When exercises use resistance like weight or elastic band, such denotes Training Resistance.  


Every step taken in the gym hall must be cautious because certain rules bind every exercise, sports or games. Certain standard of behavior must be maintained. Some Gymnasium rules include:

1. Personal Belongings Must Be Kept Far Off From The Training Floor: Adhering to this first rule determines how well your training session will go down. Ladies are known for handling purses, bags, and other things all times and at most places. Having a fulfilled workout starts with keeping your belongings in a far-safe corner or apartment.

2. Mind Your Perfume: In as much as most ladies don’t feel good or comfortable should they fail to wear perfume, such ladies should learn to be considerate enough when going to the gym. Most people you find in the gym are sensitive to heavy scents. So, ladies should remember that they are only going to the gym not to a party or carnival. Hence, moderation is paramount.

3. Do Not Bring Children To The Training Floor: Gyms are not solely used by men or single ladies. Often times, mothers also seek physical fitness. If the children insist on coming with you, ensure they are properly kept in the children quarters. Do not bring them on to training floor because they stand to disturb or make demands from you while you train or worse, disturb other trainers.

4. Adhere To A Stipulated Rule/Time On/For Each Machine: It is important to note that all time limits and rules stated for exercise must be kept. Do not over stay on a particular exercise or try to end any session without proper guidance. Time limits are technically set, personalizing the limits may not go down well with your trainer.

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5. Mind Your Language: Courtesy demands that you treat the next trainee cordially especially when she is a lady like you. Do not talk down on people you meet in the gym because you don’t know where next you’d meet them. Vulgar languages should not come up. Self-composure is as important as your presence too. Do not yell, cross-talk, make jest or banter words with co-trainees or even with your trainer.

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6. Do Not Devote Excess Time To Your Cellphone During Training: At several times during training, the need for your cellphone may arise. Learn to stay focused while you work-out, do not get distracted by calls, text messages and chat beeps. Some trainees set training time or calculate workout calories with their phones; that’s not bad but avoid getting glued to the phone.

7. After Use, Ensure To Wipe Down Every Machine: Ensure that every machine used is completely wiped down before leaving the training floor. This is very important and all complains must be directed to the right person in order to forestall problems.

In conclusion, while the fun lasts in the gym hall, be that lady that looks at someone else and help her push harder. Do not send the signal that you can’t cope up with so many people around because once you are in, you automatically become a member of the community. So, grab your wears and run down to the gym floor in order to stay fit and adorable.