More On Gupta/Zuma Saga; See What Gupta Bodyguards Revealed


One would think that the sudden disappearance of the Gupta family following the heated allegations of state capture would put to an end all chants of the family’s deeds in the country but this seems not to be the case as the former Gupta bodyguards made further interesting revelation about the family.

The Gupta Bodyguards who worked for the Gupta family claim that the influential family made several visits to South Africa’s number one up to three times a week.

The anonymous guards, who claimed to be working 18 hours punishing shift for the family also said they, on countless occasions, had to handle boxes and tog bags filled with cash.

In a private interview with Mail & Guardian newspaper, it was also reveled that those assigned to drive around Ajay Gupta‚ known as the “A Team”‚ often times slip the guys a hundred bucks for food.

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According to them, they had to patiently wait in the parked cars while AJay visits President Jacob Zuma at the presidential guest house in Pretoria.

This counters the statement made by President Zuma’s spokesman‚ Bongani Majola who reportedly denied that the family had visited the presidential guest house.

The guards went on to claim that they had seen large sums of money at the Saxonwold Drive residence and businesses owned by the family.

“We were at Sahara the one day and this guy comes to collect a parcel. The tog bag was so packed with money‚ it wouldn’t close. We had to help him close it with cable ties‚” said one of the Gupta bodyguards.

The family who has been away for some time now have at the moment refused to reply questions sent to them on the issue.

Meanwhile, South African businessman and anti-apartheid activist had written an open letter to Ajay Gupta on how the family’s interaction with the government affects the country.

Speaking on the alleged state capture by the family, Sexwale told the family that though they were yet to clearly capture the country’s key offices like the parliament, judiciary and the apex court, their undue influence on the minister and the president could not be overlooked by the citizens.

He went on to say that though the family has vehemently denied this, the country would not shy away from the fact that the issue was an eye opener to all.

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“This is a time for a hard look at matters. It is a time for serious lessons to be learnt. This is a time for cohesion and unity, inasmuch as it is also a time for vigilance; so that someday, when history is recorded, it shall state that the whole sorry saga was resolved without any resort to breaking-up this organization of our people for the good of all South Africans,” he said.

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