Guptas Seek Urgent Interdict Againt The EFF And Malema


The Gupta family has filed an urgent case in the high court in Pretoria against the EFF and it’s leader Julius Malema for making threatening statements against the AA7 and the New age – Gupta owned media.

Julius Malema made veiled threats to employees of Gupta owned media retailers at a press convention final week, saying the security of journalists couldn’t be assured.

He also asked the media to stay away from covering events of the EFF;

“We have written a letter to them, telling them that they should no longer come to our events because we do not recognize them as a media enterprise but a criminal enterprise,” he told journalists on Friday “…they shouldn’t be caught in the crossfire between the Guptas and the EFF,” Malema said last week .

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To this therefore, the Gupta family turned to the high court in Pretoria, stating that Malema and his party are inciting violence.

Nazeem Howa, who is the CEO of Oakbay investment, the Gupta holding company made a statement saying that he would not take the threats made by Malema and his party as mere words and that they want the court to stop the EFF and Malema from uttering threats of violence against the family and its employees.

“The respondents (Malema and the EFF) intend to use their members and their resources to destroy the business of the applicants and will stop by no means to violently prevent the applicants from conducting its business on a day to day basis,” Howa further said.

Meanwhile, Malema, who is presently out for the Nkandla case at the Constitutional Court this morning, is said to be looking more confident and relaxed. He visited the cort at Pretoria with all confidence.

Report has it that the application will be defended on behalf of Malema on the basis that he and his party did not intend to execute their threats with violence. The application would be due for hearing on Tuesday Morning.

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