Is Gupta’s R445 Million Dubai Mansion A Proceed From The SA State Capture?


The Guptas saga, again, raised a few eyebrows after reports emerged that they bought a R445-million mansion in Dubai.

According to City Press’ report, the mansion is listed among the most expensive homes in the United Arab Emirate, and “decorated in marble and gold.”

“…with 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, nine reception rooms, a double grand staircase, hand-painted dome, space for 11 cars, and chandeliers in virtually every room, the house is extravagant even by Dubai’s standards,” stated the report.

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Two separate sources reportedly confirmed that the R445-million mansion is the Guptas’ new home.

That rekindles concerns that the Guptas may have Illegally moved assets and huge amounts of cash out of South Africa.

Commenting on this, the Shadow Minister of Finance, David Maynier disclosed that he’s “submitted a parliamentary question probing whether the Financial Intelligence Centre is conducting an investigation into whether the Guptas illegally moved assets, including large amounts of cash, out of South Africa.”

To Maynier, “the reply will hopefully end weeks of zig-zagging around the Financial Intelligence Centre and (his) request for an investigation into the Guptas.

To sit back and do nothing would amount to allowing an accused to flee the crime scene, with the proceeds of the crime,” Maynier asserted.

City Press related that the family’s spokesperson – Gary Naidoo was pissed when questioned about the R445-million mansion.

“We find it astounding that at a time when 7 500 Oakbay jobs are at risk, the media continue to take great interest in the whereabouts of the Gupta family.

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“Let us be crystal clear here. We will not be providing a running commentary on the private life of the Gupta family. They, like any other family, have a right to privacy and a family life. We ask you to respect these rights,” Naidoo responded.