#SarsWar: The Guptas Dare Critics To Produce Evidence Or Leave Them Alone


Embattled Indian-South African business family has reacted to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s allegations that the family is behind his ordeal.

The Guptas said they are not surprised that such allegations are making rounds in the country because they’ve always been victims of political propaganda in South Africa.

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Speaking in a statement on Saturday, the family said: “We have read media reports on News 24 regarding the alleged comments by Finance Minister Gordhan to his Treasury staff about the Gupta family with deep disappointment.”

The Guptas lamented that many lies have been constructed by many media houses and that “flawed perception has become the truth in the eyes of some”.

The family pleaded with the media not to link them to the current issues going on in the country.

They affirmed that no charge has ever been brought against them, challenging their detractors to come forward with any evidence they have against them or leave them alone.

The Guptas emphasized that they have no interest in politics saying their interest lies solely in business.

“We remain fully committed as shareholders to ensuring that our businesses are run on sound business lines with all transactions being done on a transparent, arms-length basis.

We hold our executives to high standards and would not hesitate to take action against any executive who breaches our internal codes of good practice, or any regulatory, legislative policy, procedure or framework,” added the family.

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The Guptas family most notable members are the brothers Ajay, Atul, Rajesh “Tony” Gupta as well as Atul Gupta’s nephew – Varun Gupta.

The family has been under fire after it emerged that they ‘captured’ the state and have been influential in government appointments due to their close relationship with president Jacob Zuma.

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