We Will Not Rest Until Zuma Is Jailed And The Guptas Deported – EFF


The Fighters won’t back down, they will continued to fight in order to recapture South Africa from the criminals that have captured the country.

Also, they wouldn’t take any break nor have any rest until President Zuma and his acolytes are in jail where they belong, and the Guptas deported out of the country.

EFF shared the expression above when it indicated its support for Minister Lynne Brown’s rejection of the R30 million golden handshake Eskom handed its former CEO, Brian Molefe.

As it happened, the Public Enterprises Minister rejected the R30 million pay pointing-out that Eskom board did not consult nor inform her of the decision to hand Molefe the R30 million payout.

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To the Minister, Eskom’s R30 million pay to Molefe lacked legal rationale and cannot be substantiated as a performance reward because the former CEO has already been granted a performance bonus for his contribution at Eskom.

Reacting to the Minister’s revelations, the Fighters said:

“This explicitly shows how the supposed State owned Companies do not recognize state jurisdiction nor recognize ministerial authority.

It is concerning that a state owned company board can enforce a decision of this kind, lacking cognizance of the financial state of SoCs (State Owned Companies) and the country as whole.

…Many South Africans were wondering how Brian Molefe left a salary of almost R1 million rand per month to be a backbench-er in Parliament.

The answer is that Jacob Zuma and the Guptas assured him that he would be the Finance Minister and also get a R30 million sweetener from Eskom.”

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With the above, EFF asserted that it is sensible for Molefe to receive nothing as payout.

To them, Mr Molefe did not deliver Eskom from its financial crisis. And, handing him a payout will only take Eskom further into financial dungeon.

Adding that Eskom and Brian Molefe boldly undermined the office of Minister Lynne Brown by not consulting her, and by delivering to her office a payout amount that is legally unjustifiable, EFF declared thus:

“That alone is the crux of corruption and should therefore result in the complete erasure of Brian Molefe’s payout.”

We will continue to ensure that the people of South Africa will recapture the country from all these criminals. We will not rest until Zuma and his acolytes are in jail and the Guptas deported out of our country, charged the Fighters.

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