Hlaudi Motsoeneng: EFF Reveals The Gupta Puppet Is Still Controlling SABC


Hlaudi Motsoeneng is a Gupta puppet and he’s still controlling major decisions at SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) claims the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

According to the Fighters, that’s why SABC is still troubled without any sign of being rescued despite the appointment of the interior board. Those occupying management positions at the corporation, particularly, the acting Group CEO Tseliso Ralitabo, COO and CFO are Hlaudi Motsoeneng loyalists.

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“It is a fact that these individuals who occupy these positions on acting capacity owe their allegiance to Hlaudi Motsoeneng. The SABC inquiry established that Tseliso Ralitabo was hand-picked by Hlaudi Motsoeneng in what was suspected to be an irregular appointment.

“It is shocking that this new board would endorse his appointment to such a key position when the task at hand is to rescue the SABC from the mayhem caused by Motsoeneng and Minister Muthambi.

“The interim board ought to know that there is no saving the SABC by recycling the same people that served in the same bureaucratic team with Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

“Until they are able to get men and women of integrity outside the miasma of Motsoeneng’s management team, the SABC remains on its knees,” stated the Fighters.

EFF further stated that the replacement of Sophie Mokoena with Mzwandile Mbeje as head of politics made the grip of Motsoeneng clear.

“This is the same man who during the 2014 general elections presided over the suppression of the EFF on SABC news as established by the SABC enquirer.

“Mzwandile Mbeje is also a presidential correspondent with very close proximity to Mr. Zuma. It is impossible that he could ever be objective, let alone on opposition parties.”

Afterwards, the party upheld that SABC’s financial crisis is caused by “the continued illegitimate contract” with a Gupta-owned news paper.

“The SABC still shares a platform with the The New Age through The New Age Breakfast program that does nothing but legitimizes a kleptocratic propaganda paper,” EFF said.

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Above all, the party postulated that building an SABC with integrity should start with ending the contracts with the Guptas on New Age Breakfast and appointing a different journalist as head of politics.

“…Only a CEO and CFO from outside the kleptocratic circle of the Guptas across government and its entities can set SABC on a good path,” EFF added.

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