Guptas Are Like Rats Abandoning A Sinking Ship In South Africa – DA


The Democratic alliance party celebrates the selling of the Gupta family’s businesses saying the Guptas are rats abandoning a sinking ship in South Africa.

Maimane’s party, however, asserted that the Gupta family claim that the decision was taken to advance the interest of SA is “plain dishonest.”

DA argued it’s evident things reached a “tipping point” for the family, and compelled them to decide it’s in their best interest to abandon their ship in the country.

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“The fact is that the members of the Gupta family, and the businesses controlled by them, are the subject of multiple investigations, including:

  1. an investigation by the Hawks into alleged corruption;
  2. an investigation by the Financial Intelligence Centre into alleged money laundering;
  3. an investigation by the South African Reserve Bank relating to the termination of business relationships with certain banks; and
  4. numerous investigations by National Treasury into the alleged corruption relating to their business dealings with state-owned companies including Denel, Eskom, and Transnet,” stated the party.

With the above, the party vowed not to back down but do everything that will ensure the investigations being conducted by the Gupta family’s businesses are concluded with results made public.

“The fact is that in end the Guptas are like rats abandoning a sinking ship in South Africa,” DA iterated.

Similarly, the EFF reportedly asked the family to leave SA immediately. The Fighters also welcomed the selling of the Gupta family’s businesses albeit, with discretion. 

The fighters vowed to fight on until they uproot the “entire Gupta tree and its offsprings” out of our South Africa’s system.

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“The Guptas and their puppets are illegally smuggling large amounts of money out of the country.

“It is clear that the web of corruption by the Guptas and their puppets is too intricate for the country to simply believe that they will sell it all off.

“…We will not stop until all individuals with offshore accounts traceable to the Guptas, (and) all individuals with business interests with them have all been exposed.

“…We will do everything in our power to expose and block all their attempts to continue running this country into the quagmire of corruption and daylight kleptocracy,” stated the fighters. 

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