‘Gupta Family Must Spend Decades In South African Jail Cells’ – Equal Education


Equal Education (EE), a movement of learners, parents, teachers and community members working for quality and equality in South African education, through analysis and activism demands the prosecution of the Gupta family insisting the family “must spend decades in South African jail cells.”

The movement in a statement, called on South Africans to rally and ensure the Guptas are locked up for a long time. “The Gupta Family must spend decades in South African jail cells.

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We must all make it so…to free a country and its state apparatus from the parasitic domination of a few at the expense of many. It is something against which a revolutionary people must always be vigilant,” stated Equal education.

Pointing-out that “prospects for a progressive or revolutionary transformation of society die with state capture,” EE indicated that the working class the unemployed, the poor and the historically looted black majority, were further looted when South Africa as a “democratic state is put into the top pocket of a few rich people.

Instead of the state being a thin shield against a rapacious exploiting class – a vehicle for social security, healthcare, education, infrastructure and crime prevention – it becomes yet another sword to wound and plunder,” EE lamented.

Equal Education said state capture means “every decision-making site must be secured (and) state investment arms and pension funds must be controlled to access financing for deals.

Political leadership must be colonized to force favorable decisions and appointments. Trade Unions must be domesticated to extract help from their investment arms and to disarm their militant democratic members.

Law enforcement and tax collection agencies must be disabled so that no illegality is ever investigated or punished. Chapter Nine institutions and Parliament itself must be hollowed out and stocked with lackeys.

Every pool of cash in the state is identified. Its coordinates are mapped. People are put in place to unlock its flow. It is diverted into the private accounts of StateCaptureInc,” EE lectured.

From the foregoing, EE charged that the masses can no longer “defend a democracy that abandons them in poverty.” To them, “without a radical social justice policy there is no hope of mobilizing the social force needed to defeat state capture and return the state to the people.”

Thus, they demanded of the ANC to recall President Zuma.

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