Gupta Employees Want ANCYL President To Fall, They’re Chanting “Maine Must Fall”


According to emerging reports, Gupta employees desire the fall of ANC Youth League president. They reportedly chased the president chanting “Maine must fall”.

As gathered from a news24 report, a meeting was scheduled between the president, Collin Maine and Gupta employees at Oakbay.

But the meeting unexpectedly ended before it commenced as the pissed employees chased the youth league president away with their “Maine must fall” chant.

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A confused Maine went for his vehicle and zoomed off amidst the angry workers chant calling for his fall.

Relating what happened, the ANC Youth League leader narrated that he had received an open letter from the employees, which addressed the ruling party youth league and the Ad hoc Committee on Finance in Parliament.

Based on what Maine disclosed, the content of the letter was a plea for Absa to reopen the Oakbay account for the sake of its employees.

He said he learnt the Gupta employees were divided , and that there was no agreement between the staff over the writing of the letter when he visited the Sahara offices.

According to him, he met with Oakbay management earlier in the day. There, he learnt that only two people took on the responsibility to write the letter on behalf of the employees.

He nevertheless, decided to go ahead with the meeting. The pissed employees were however, not happy to see him around. They reportedly started asking him why he’s eager to fight for the Indians and disregard the blacks.

They eventually started shouting at the ANC Youth League president, asking him to leave. Subsequently, the shoutings metamorphosed into a “Maine must fall” chant.

Commenting, Maine said: “we have decided to abandon the meeting because that letter was not written by the staff. The staff must unite themselves before we can talk to them. The consensus of that letter is that people are not sure of the future.”

He nonetheless promised to return at a later date so as to address the challenges they’re having.

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