Gupta Brothers Flee South Africa


Many have been asking “what’s next” after the Gupta family members resigned from their positions in their holding company, Oakbay Resources. Well, here’s it. Reports have it that the Gupta brothers, Ajay and Atul Gupta, left South Africa for Dubai.

The reports revealed that the brothers left some hours after the executive meeting at Oakbay where the family announced their resignation from the company.

It was highlighted that the decision to resign “follows a sustained political attack on the company, and the concern that the jobs and livelihoods of nearly one thousand employees would be at immediate risk as a result of the outgoing director’s association with the company.”

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As culled from a City Press report, the Guptas brothers left South Africa for Dubai on their luxurious private jet after their resignation.

“…That night, and with a mountain of luggage loaded on to the business jet ZS-OAK, the brothers, together with one of their wives and five of their assistants, left Lanseria Airport – likely for good,” stated the aforementioned report.

It further disclosed that the Guptas’ children are being teased at school, hinting that the family wouldn’t be coming back to live in South Africa again.

In a previous report, BuzzSouthAfrica related that the Gupta brothers, Ajay, Atul and Rajesh, were processing moving to Dubai in-order to protect several of the family’s businesses increasingly scrutinized due to their contracts with the government and state-owned enterprises.

Although the Guptas, then debunked the report, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) insisted that the Guptas have already started packing their bags and are in the process of moving their assets to Dubai.

They “have already started to move lots of money out of South Africa to tax havens. The Guptas have moved more than R2 billion of their ill-gotten gains,” alleged the EFF.

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