Things to Do On Gumtree Durban Including Jobs, Car Rentals & Property

South Africa is a nation that has lots to offer to citizens and tourists alike. When it comes to finding useful things to purchase, beautiful events to go to or the best gift items to get, using the source known as Gumtree is definitely your best bet. With Gumtree Durban, you can find everything from sports equipment, real estate, cars to even the most simple things such as your baby’s stuff. As a result of this, anyone in Durban will have the means to find what they need easily and efficiently. Finding things such as cars and real estate takes a lot of research and effort but with Gumtree, your search can be as simple and as efficient as possible.

This is a continuation of our series on Gumtree South Africa and How to use Gumtree in South Africa, if you missed those, click on the link below to read them.

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One of the things that makes Gumtree a great source is the opportunity to find business services and opportunities anytime. There are a number of services you can find to help you accomplish tasks and get certain needs met. Among these services are moving services, cleaning services and TV installation among so many others. With these services, residents will have a dependable entity to help them do such things such as relocate, get their home or office cleaned and also their televisions put into proper working order.

Some Very Cool Things You Can do with Gumtree Durban

Gumtree Property

One of the many cool things you can do on Gumtree is finding real estate. There are a number of properties listed on this source and therefore anyone looking to get a place such as a home or an apartment will have plenty of options when using this source. You will also be able to find commercial properties such as office buildings. Real estate is a very important investment to make and therefore Gumtree provides you with a number of listings to choose from when looking to find the ideal property.

Gumtree Durban Jobs

For the teeming graduates living in South Africa, Gumtree is one of the easiest ways to find a job and not just any job but the job you are best qualified for. On Gumtree there are a number of job listings that one can look at and choose to apply for. Since getting a job is very important and helpful, it is a good idea to use Gumtree when looking to get quality employment. There are a number of job listings so there will be plenty of options for people to look into and seek. If you are in Durban, you might consider looking for job under Gumtree Durban category, if you are in Cape Town, you have to look for Job under Cape Town category, same goes to other products and services

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Gumtree Cars, Rentals

Transportation is one of the more important and beneficial things that a person can get. As a result, you will want to look for used and new cars when using Gumtree. On this site, you will have the means to find a number of quality cars that can meet your transportation needs. Gumtree provides a listing of numerous cars both new and used which will allow you to find a number of different brands as well as types of vehicles. Therefore this section will give you what you need to find your ideal form of transportation.

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Other things to do

If your needs to not apply to real estate or jobs, you can find other ways of keeping yourself occupied by going through the ads on things to do in any city where you are, to find things such as events you can attend. Gumtree will enable you to find a number of exciting events that take place in places such as Johannesburg and Durban. These events are part of the nation’s culture and also a lot of them are attended by celebrities who will not hesitate to indulge their fans in having fun. Therefore if you are looking to attend an event that will enable you to have a good time then you will want to look into events such as parties and dances listed on Gumtree.

Gumtree also serves as a very good pet shop where you can get the best friend you are looking for, be it a pet dog or a cat. When looking for a pet Gumtree is one of the better sources to use. On this site, you will have the means to find a number of animals on sale that you can purchase. Whats more, you can even get expert advice on how to care for your pets and the best way of keeping them healthy.

For placing all category of ads, Gumtree is your best option, but like the doctor’s appointment, If you are using Gumtree for posting ads, it is important that you adhere to Gumtree rules otherwise, your ads could be removed. So in case you search for your ads on Gumtree and you don’t find them, it means you committed one or more of the following offences:

  1. Your ad is against policy
  2. Offering postage. Gumtree should only be used in face to face local transactions – Ads should be posted on your local site
  3. Duplicate of another ad posted by the user
  4. An ad that is posted under wrong category (You must choose the single most relevant category for your ad), always post your ad in the right category, if your ad is localised and targeted to Durban population, post it under Gumtree Durban category, if it’s targeted to those living in Cape Town, post it under Cape Town category.
  5. Gumtree only accept ads in English (Foreign translation may be included below if appropriate)
  6. No overseas ads are accepted on Gumtree, Gumtree is only for local community or local businesses
  7. No website links to other property/job/classified or auction sites
  8. Your ad will be removed if it is not descriptive enough (Ads that do not provide enough detail will be removed as this makes for a bad browsing experience)
  9. If it appears to be a copy of another ad posted on Gumtree (You may not copy other user ads, your ad must be original, it doesn’t matter whether it is posted under a different category)
  10. Inappropriate language
  11. Inappropriate photo/image
  12. Discriminatory on race/religion/nationality
  13. Selling or offering services for supplements/medicine general or pharmaceutical
  14. Selling body parts/bodily fluids, adoption or surrogacy anywhere on the site
  15. Ads that report other fraudulent ads.
Amazing Things You Didn't Know You Can Do On Gumtree Johannesburg

Need more information or inquiry? You can find that and more at Gumtree official website, just follow the link and your questions will be given proper answers.

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