If You Grew Up With Strict Parents, This Is For You


Growing up has a lot of hassles but growing up with strict parents, that’s a different ball game.

Whether you want to admit it or not, the strict parenting has given you some interesting stories to tell and maybe even made you a better person.

It’s easy to say that now but back then, you probably didn’t feel that way. One thing that is certain, however, is that people who grew up with strict parents tend to have universal experiences. So if you grew up with strict parents, here are things you’ll completely understand.

1. The Mental Preparation Required…For Anything

Growing up with strict parents, you had to psych yourself up mentally for hours, even days before you could ask your parents for permission to get anything done – visit a friend, have a sleep over, or even getting your favorite brand of cereal when they go grocery shopping.

You don’t even want to think about the mental preparation that was required for when you had to tell your parent you didn’t do well on a test or exam.

2. First One Out

You were always the first person to leave your friends while hanging out, even though the fun was just beginning. This is because your curfew was no joke and not flexible. So if you ever wanted to hang out with your friends again, you knew you had to be home on time. After all, half bread is better than none.

3. You had An Asking Time

You knew exactly when to ask your parents for permission and they’d say yesYou waited, hours, maybe even days, for your parents to be in a good mood before you asked for what you wanted. Granted, they probably ended up saying no anyway but it never deterred you: you had to try, right?

What is probably even sadder is that your puppy dog eyes never worked. It was only the random will of a gracious deity that eventually got them to change their minds.

if you grew up with strict parents

4. The Moment You Find Out Your Strict Parents Lied

There was nothing more satisfying and simultaneously shocking as catching your parents in a lie. First of all, it’s the realization that even your parents are capable of lying that excited you… followed by the realization that even though your parents are capable of lying, they still won’t cut you some slack (and you can never use it against them) that bummed you out.

The worst part, and perhaps the funniest, was the way they reacted if you ever had the courage to call them out on it – either they find a way to blame/punish you or they would stick to their story and never back down.

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5. When Your Friends Tell You To Sneak Out…

…and you are forced to wonder if this is how they wanted you to die. Sneaking out was literally an impossible feat. And even when you managed to, you would never be able to relax enough to have fun: the fear of your parents busting through and embarrassing you at any moment always haunted you. Simply put, it wasn’t worth it, even to impress your friends.

Still, it baffled you a lot that some of your friends care capable of sneaking out with as much as a second thought.

6. You Didn’t Even Think About Tattoos And Piercings

Let’s be honest, you didn’t bother. Even though you thought about them and even fantasised about which ones you were going to get but honestly speaking, you knew you would, not until you were out of the house at least; even university was too soon but that doesn’t mean you didn’t get one anyway, in a very hidden and secluded spot, where your parents will never have the chance to see, because that is literally how the fittest survive.

7. The Look On Your Face When You Hear Your Friends Talk Back To Their Parents Is Priceless

surprise face, Strict parents

You didn’t even know it was possible and no matter how many times you see it happen, you never get used to it. Growing up with the kind of parents you did, you simply never dared…why? Because you knew you didn’t want to spend the night in a hospital. If you grew up with strict parents, then the sheer overreaction and the ass whooping you’d get was motivation enough to never dare raise your voice at your parents or talk back.

Again, nothing is worth that much hassle no matter how much your parents stress you out.

8. You Had To Get Really Good At Lying

Honestly, to get anything done, you didn’t see any choice. And thankfully, that’s a skill that continues to serve you faithfully till this day. With strict parents, it was hard to give them anything at face value because they would always find something wrong. So you had no choice but to learn to tell them exactly what they wanted to hear. You never told them you were hanging out with your friend, Kevin’s house…no, you told them you were going for a study session at Kevin’s – and more along that line.

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9. There Was Always A Friend They Didn’t Like

And also a friend they liked too much.

It was just the way things were. Your parents always had a friend of yours that they disliked, really for no particular reason at all, well no serious reason to you at the time. They either said it was instincts, or your friend’s clothing, or your friend’s family, or sometimes they dubbed your friend ‘bad influence’ and you weren’t encouraged to hang out with them.

On the flip side, there was always a friend that your parents loved without reason and they could never do any wrong in your parents’ eyes.

Fun Fact: That was usually the friend with the bad influence

10. You Never Had The Talk With Your Parents

growing up with strict parents

What talk? Honestly, either your parents scared you off with the very idea of sex or they pretend sex didn’t exist. You were left to discover the truth about your body and sex when you grew older and went to university.

For whatever reason, talking about sex seems to make strict parents uncomfortable and they’d do whatever they could to avoid it. Thankfully, you have it all figured out now…or do you?