Great News! SA Teenage School Girls To Launch Africa’s First Private Satellite


For a very long time, South Africa has continuously appeared on global news for the very wrong reasons. It has always been about thriving crimes like senseless murders, Eskom and the consequences of its load-shedding on our economy, nose-diving rand, FIFA fraud and a load of other negatives news. Thanks to three of our maidens who broke this jinx of bad news, South Africa is finally on global news and the whole world has given thumbs up to this pleasing news.

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As captioned by, “Teenage South African girls build Africa’s first private satellite“. In most case, South Africans and Africans at large do expect innovations of similar caliber to be spearheaded by a group of specialized experts. Teenagers especially females are never anticipated or tasked with such duties like launching the first private satellite in Africa.

Teenage Girls 2

According to reports, “the satellite, which will launch in the first quarter of 2016, is not only a celebration of African innovation, but a positive shift in participation of the African girl child.” Obviously, this feat is not only a mere project of technological innovation in Africa. It is more about South Africa taking the lead in the inclusion of the girl child to its capacity development.

Meanwhile, reported that “one of the teenagers named Nina-Rose Clarke of Pinelands High school has increased tremendously in confidence” as she said “I never thought building things could be this interesting. I am loving this experience. It’s so exciting to be exposed to more than just drawing and studying ideas. Constructing stuff is so much better”.

Teenage Girls

This project as backed by Mata Economic Development Organization (MEDO) initially tasked pupils across Cape Town with devising an electrical gadget named “jiggy-bot”. And, the next segment named SPACETrek will require the teenager who scaled through the first stage to build satellite payload experiments and test them with the aid of high altitude weather balloons and radio communication.

As narrated, this initiative is expected to inspire young African women, while equipping them with the knowledge they need to face the challenges of a previously male-dominated sector.

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