“Don’t Despair, Government Will Put More Money Into Your Pockets” – Minister Muthambi


Thus saith the Department of Communication – SA government is set implement a nine-point plan by training Set Top Boxes installers.

The plan will go a long way to curb poverty, provide more jobs and ultimately, put more money into the pockets of South Africans.

Communications Minister Faith Muthambi, made the remarks during her digital migration public awareness Imbizo at Mtititi village in Limpopo.

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She disclosed that her department signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the department of Public Works for a national training of Set Top Boxes installers.

According to Muthambi, senior representatives from the department of Public Works meet with the Digital Migration Project Management Office to plot the implementation details of the memorandum.

And, are in a continuous trade of essential information that will help the department of Public Works secure the necessary funding to kick-start the Set Top Boxes installers’ training.

The Minister stressed that the government’s nine-point plan will flourish long-term economic growth and stability.

Relating that to the Set Top Boxes installers training, Muthambi uttered that about 2 800 new installers would have been equipped with the skills across South Africa when the project is completed.

“We’ve heard young South Africans complaining that they can’t find work. Now, we want them to know that as government, we have the nine-point plan focusing on making a real, positive difference in the lives of our people.

This training of Set Top Boxes installers is aimed at providing young people with skills and employment opportunities,” stated Minister Muthambi.

To her, “it cannot be business as usual when the youth of this country continue to constitute high volumes of the unemployed.”

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“As the department” she said, “we are saying that local youth must benefit from this project.

“To those who are still struggling to make ends meet, we are saying don’t despair. We’ve a clear, solid plan that will create jobs, grow the economy and put more money into your pockets. That’s how we want to move South Africa forward with the nine-point plan,” Muthambi added.

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