Gospel Artiste Winnie Mashaba And Close Friends Fall Victim To WhatsApp Scam


Gospel artiste Winnie Mashaba and her close friends have become victims of a WhatsApp scam.

The ugly incident which happened while she was holidaying in Asia saw one of her close friends lose thousands of rand.

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Apparently, someone hacked into her WhatsApp account while she was away and asked her friends for financial aid on her behalf. The joy she came back with from her trip turned to sadness when she came to realise that some of her friends have allegedly been scammed out of their money, collectively amounting to over R9, 300.

This happened while the singer was attending a jazz festival in Singapore. Thus, the scammers reportedly took advantage of her absence and pretended to be her while asking for money from some of her contacts who didn’t suspect a thing.

“When we suspected that someone had hacked into my account I asked Vodacom to block my number. But now when I came back they said they can’t unblock it,” she explained. However, she added that the number was later unblocked by some unknown means.

Two of the friends close to the gospel star allegedly came forward to say that they were actually sending money to a person they believed was her.

According to one of Winnie’s close friends who lost thousands of rand in the scam, the scammer who was pretending to be Winnie asked her for come money to pay for a R3 100 fine. To speed things up, the scammer alleged that if the money was not paid, she was going to lose the car. As a result, she sent her the money and ended up being scammed of R7 800 in all.

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“People are robbing us. I sent my money thinking it was Winnie,” an angry Shatadi said.

Another victim of the scam, fashion designer, Madira Matjeke was also under the impression that Winnie was in desperate need for money. Madira allegedly deposited R1 500 through e-Wallet.

Consequently, Winnie Mashaba said she would take the matter up with the police and Vodaworld.