‘I Don’t Have Powers To Stop Gordhan’s Probing’ – Zuma


His Excellency, Honorable Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, has condemned the insinuations that he’s witch-hunting SA’s Finance Minister. Mr. President said he has full support and confidence in the Minister, but can’t stop Gordhan’s probing.

In a statement, the Presidency noted the concerns expressed by individuals and organizations about the Hawks’ investigation involving the Minister of Finance and other former South African Revenue Services officials.

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With that, President Zuma expressed his full support and confidence in the Minister of Finance.

President Zuma stressed that the Minister has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing. But then, pointed out that he doesn’t have the powers to stop Gordhan’s probing.

“The negative effect of these matters on our economy, personal pressure on the individuals affected as well as the heads of institutions, however disturbing, cannot because for the President to intervene unconstitutionally.

The Presidency wishes to…emphasis that President Zuma does not have powers to stop any investigations into any individual/s.

Our constitutional democracy, the strength of our state institutions and the effectiveness of our courts in upholding and protecting rights is our guarantee of justice and fairness.

The broader speculation linking these investigations to government and state-owned institutions are equally unhelpful and they are also false and misleading,” stated the Presidency.

Meanwhile, the Fighters encouraged the Finance Minister to cooperate with Hawks and resolve the issue amicably.

In a statement, the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) noted “the unrelenting pursuit of criminalizing the Minister of Finance by factions of the ANC who are seemingly gunning for Treasury under the instruction of the Gupta family.”

Nonetheless, EFF indicated that the above doesn’t justify Pravin Gordhan’s refusal to cooperate with the Hawks.

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“We all should not be seen to defy institutions of the state, as this will render them useless. To refuse to present himself to the Hawks will be to act with the same disrespect shown by Zuma and his faction to institutions of the state.

No one, even if they are Finance Minister or President, is above institutions of the state,” EFF cautioned.

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