Revealed! Author Of Gordhan Intelligence Report Is A Friend Of The Gupta Family


BuzzSouthAfrica has gathered that Zehir Omar, a lawyer for the Society for the Protection of our Constitution (SPOC) authored the Gordhan intelligence report which President Zuma relied on to justify his axing of Pravin Gordhan and his deputy.

Reports have it that Omar is a good friend of the Gupta family and a regular guest and analyst on Gupta-owned TV network ANN7.

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As gathered, the lawyer wrote the so-called report based on confidential and highly sensitive information he received from Russian, Iran and Indian agencies.

The Citizen reported that the report was subsequently distributed to concerned parties, including Luthuli House after Omar had written the report.

Although, speculations have it that the document Omar compiled differed from the one President Jacob Zuma relied upon to justify his sacking of Gordhan and Jonas, however, both share same contents.

Both documents allegedly detailed how Gordhan planned to meet with companies in a bid to weaken Zuma’s government. More so, information on both documents was said to have been sourced from Russian, Indian and Iranian agencies.

In an interview, Omar reacted to the coincidence by saying: “In my view, the coincidence may be linked to the authenticity of the information. On the balance of probability, I would say that the information in the government intelligence report came from the same Indian, Iranian and Russian intelligence sources from whom we got our information.”

The law expert, on several occasions, has been publicly accused of being pro-Gupta and pro-Zuma.

On March 30, President Zuma, during a meeting with the South African Communist Party (SACP) alleged that Gordhan plans to weaken his government.

He, further, validated his claims by raising the Gordhan intelligence report on how Gordhan plans to meet foreign businesses to discredit him. He explained that he recalled Gordan from his investor roadshow because of the content of the report.

In response during a briefing at SACP headquarters in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, SACP’s Mapaila labeled the report “pathetic” and “ludicrous”.

“For God’s sake people, who on earth can believe that a man who participated in the highest form of the revolutionary armed struggle… can simply sell out his own country?” Mapaila asked.

When Zuma re-echoed the same sentiment later after meeting the ANC top six, but the top brass wasn’t convinced that Gordhan could topple Zuma’s government.

At the time, former Minister Pravin Gordhan expressed disappointment with the document, calling it an “absolute nonsense”.

“These allegations sicken me, allegations that I had secret meetings with somebody to undermine the government.

Jonas and I had been activists in the struggle from a young age, why would we now do something to undermine this government? It cannot be logically explained. Except of course analysts at a particular television station who manufacture stuff. We emphatically and categorically deny these allegations,” he said.

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EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu also downplayed the “fake” document.

On Tuesday, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe told reporters that the party accepted that Zuma fired Gordhan because of an “irretrievable breakdown of trust”, and not because of the Gordhan intelligence report.

He was replaced by another well-known ‘stooge’ of the Gupta family – Malusi Gigaba – raising fears that he may loot the Treasury in no distant time,