Good News Black SA! Here’s How To Apply For The 2017 Sugarcane Bursaries


The South African Sugarcane Association (SASA), has announced that its 2017 sugarcane bursaries will be targeting Black South Africans.

The association plans to give black youths who completed matriculation recently or who are to complete in 2017 Sugarcane Bursaries.

“Many of the young black children living within the rural sugarcane growing regions dream of being engineers, extension officers and agricultural economists but few have the access and, or, the finance to complete their studies,” the association said.

The association also revealed that its main objective for the program is to increase the number of high potential learners from socially and academically disadvantaged background by providing access to quality education and training in the field of engineering, agriculture and science.

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This comes at a time the SA education department struggles to figure out how it would provide financial assistance for Universities across the country.

While this is still on, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Town, Max Price, believes students from higher income families should bear the burden by paying higher fees.

He said there are no good reason why wealthy students should benefit from reducing real fees for a further year (in other words, when fees do not adjust with inflation, they become cheaper in real terms, since salaries go up at least with inflation, as do all other expenditure of a household).

The Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education (SITFE) was launched in 1965 and is regarded as one of the oldest Trust Funds in South Africa.

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SITFE’s main aim is to support, promote and advance sustainable, quality education in all South African sugarcane growing areas. The trust fund has since its establishment, supported a broad spectrum of educational projects and programmes ranging from infrastructure development and teacher development, to bursaries and arts and culture.

Black South Africans who are interested in the 2017 Sugarcane Bursaries are therefore advised to click ( to download the 2017 application form or e-mail the association at [email protected]