Gomora Teasers February 2023: A Look at the Next Episodes

South African TV show Gomora explores social and economic issues as well as the divide between the lowest and upper classes in South Africa. The show focuses on two families, one of which is headed by a man who gained success and fortune from an illegally owned bank, and the other by a well-known local businessman who is fighting to make ends meet.

Suspense, thrills, action, and exciting happenings abound in the Gomora teasers for February 2023. Very inventive filmmaking techniques are used to bring the events on the show to life.

A Recap of Happenings on Gomora in January 2023

The program started in January with Mazet getting dismayed when she discovered who MK actually was. Sonto also made up her mind ready to lay down her gun and was not concerned about regaining control of the inn.

Scara confessed his love to Sibongile while Zaza set off on a mission to defend “her man.” Sibongile made a compelling argument for the head girl job. Like a hot potato, Sizwe was dropped.

Without being asked or questioned, Pretty decided to clean up her mother’s mess. And as a result of losing faith in Sibongile, Zodwa punished her. For Tshiamo’s birthday, Teddy and his friends came up with other arrangements.

The show ended with Pretty encountering some difficulty while trying to have the tavern back. Sbonga also developed ideas about how to organize the party while MK struggles with her family’s disapproval.

Gomora Teasers for February 2023

Here’s a little bit of what to expect on the show this month.

Wednesday 1 February 2023 – Episode 203

A body is discovered, and it could be that of a revered priest. Making his daughter’s 18th birthday special is all that a broke father will do.

Thursday 2 February 2023 – Episode 204

Zibuko dodges Mazet’s question about whether he intended Nkomonde’s body to be discovered. Nyalleng lends money to Sbonga.

Friday 3 February 2023 – Episode 205

MK unintentionally makes a loved one’s back a target. Sbonga is concerned with the success of the surprise party.

Monday 6 February 2023 – Episode 206

Sonto and Zibuko’s homes are searched by Detective Nabe. Without permission, the kids throw an after-party at Gomora FM. After their conversation with Gladys, Scara has grown distant from Sibongile.

Tuesday 7 February 2023 – Episode 207

Sonto offers an unexpected insight. Sibongile and Tshiamo are given an assignment by Bokang to assist the students of Gomora High.

Wednesday 8 February 2023 – Episode 208

MK is questioned by Detective Nabe regarding Nkomonde. Tshiamo thinks Sibongile is controlling and not listening to him.

Thursday 9 February 2023 – Episode 209

Sonto takes off his uniform. Scara is looking for work. Teddy questions why Tshiamo doesn’t return his calls.

Friday 10 February 2023 – Episode 210

The team of Sonto hits close to home. Scara is in dire need of employment. Teddy aggravates a person who might be able to assist him.

Monday 13 February 2023 – Episode 211

When Ntokozo is made to meet the “genuine” Mazet, he is horrified. Regarding the matric dance date, Sibongile has a modest request.

Tuesday 14 February 2023 – Episode 212

Teddy devises a plan to make Tshiamo feel unique. Sibongile’s expanding bump is causing her some trouble. Zibuko learns that MK is softer than he initially thought.

Wednesday 15 February 2023 – Episode 213

Gladys is urged by Detective Nabe to have Ntokozo provide a statement. Teddy is instructed by Tshiamo to appropriately solicit her as his girlfriend. Thathi’s condition is reported to Pretty by Sonto.

Thursday 16 February 2023 – Episode 214

When Mazet touches her face with a mug, MK is set off. Zodwa gives a bottle a smell to succumb to temptation. Teddy and Tshiamo’s careers could be saved by a plan DJ Ora has.

Friday 17 February 2023 – Episode 215

A hurt Mazet laments how unloved Pretty finds her. Sibongile makes an effort to persuade herself that Scara will endure.

Monday 20 February 2023 – Episode 216

Zibuko continues to pick Mazet over MK. Zodwa is unable to resist her seduction. To keep their employment, Teddy and Tshiamo take drastic methods.

Tuesday 21 February 2023 – Episode 217

Teddy approaches Tshiamo with audacity. Mazet’s return is not as easy as Zibuko had hoped.

Wednesday 22 February 2023 – Episode 218

Mazet and Zibuko are questioned by Detective Nabe on the social media post. Sonto is miffed by Mazet’s letter of regret to Thathi.

Thursday 23 February 2023 – Episode 219

Zibuko arranges a job that is too personal. To address the problems with his daughter, Sbonga tries to get Sonto on board.

Friday 24 February 2023 – Episode 220

A robbery in Shisanyama goes badly. Sibongile’s parents vote against her being the head girl. Teddy is advised not to approach Tshiamo.

Monday 27 February 2023 – Episode 221

Pretty ties things together. She believes she is aware of Zibuko’s source for his alcohol supply. Sibongile breaks down in tears after hearing disturbing news from Nkosinathi.

Tuesday 28 February 2023 – Episode 222

Sibongile is pressured to face the truth about her pregnancy. Sonto finds Thathi’s choices difficult to accept. Teddy and Tshiamo make a significant choice.

Gomora Runs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30

The TV program airs on Mzansi Magic at 19h30 from Monday through Friday. Thabang Moleya, Leanne Kumalo, and Kutlwano Ditsele are the executive producers of the thriller, which is produced by Seriti Films.

Kutlwano Ditsele and Lulu Hela are the producers of the acclaimed Mzansi Magic drama series, while Gwydion Beynon, Phathutshedzo Makwarela, and Amanda Lane are the creators of the drama.

Gomora Actors and On-screen Characters

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