6 Things You Need To Do When You Start Going To The Gym


Going to the gym? Congratulations, since you’ve decided to go to the gym. Even if you’re still considering it, it’s still a pretty big step and worth the congratulations.

Going to the gym and getting in shape has a lot of benefits: from higher life expectancy to lower disease rates and weight loss.

Whatever your reason is for going to the gym, know this: going to the gym will always be a good idea, however, sometimes it takes a little more than you imagined to stay motivated.

So Here are a Few Tips You Need to Know About When You Start Going to The Gym.

1. Be Realistic

Don’t start going to the gym if you think you’re going to lose 15kgs in 2 weeks. When the two weeks mark come around and you haven’t lost as much as you had intended or gained as much muscle as you had hoped, you immediately lose motivation and get derailed. That helps no one.

The truth is, when you start going to the gym, lower your expectations drastically, your body is not going to respond the way you want it to but if you focus on progress, routine and set realistic expectations, you’ll begin to see results before you know it.

Tip: Revise your goals, instead of aiming to lose a certain amount of weight a week, set goals such as making it to the gym four times in a week. These are better goals that will guarantee results.

2. Start Small

The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do. A twenty-minute workout in the gym is not something to be ashamed of but a wonderful way to start.

You cannot go from someone who has spent no time in the gym and expect to be knocking out 2-hour workouts in no time. Nothing works like that, build up to goals and start with humble beginnings.

On your first day, do what you can with twenty minutes at the gym and follow through on that for the first week and you can increase your workout time to thirty minutes the next week or forty minutes if you’re feeling brave. Before you know it, you’ll be working out for an hour or more.

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3. Ignore The Scale

Don’t let the scale deter you. Focus on your inches instead. Sometimes, you might be working out for two or three weeks without seeing the scale change and this might be discouraging for most people.

The truth is if you’re burning fat and gaining muscle at the same time – the scale will not change that much. Also, sometimes, while your body is going through a million changes and seeing many results, it takes the scale a minute or two to catch up.

So while you’re dedicating your days to the gym, ignore the scale and pay attention to the measuring tape – that’s where you’re more likely to see changes.

4. Plan Your Workout

This cannot be stated enough, too many people only work out when they are free. But the truth is – if you do this, you won’t get to work out as much as you like. How much free time do you really have?

Instead, schedule your workout. Add it to your itinerary as you would a business meeting and if you want optimum results then you have to treat it as such too. It’s a meeting you must never miss. While you’re not supposed to work out every day, ensure not to miss the ones you have scheduled.


5. Take Rest Days

Do not go to the gym every single day of the week. Not only is it counter-productive, you’ll wear yourself out pretty quickly. Rest days are important because your body uses this time to not only recharge but to also regain strength and build muscle. Besides, you won’t see the results you want by spending every day in the gym so why not rest when you can, a little time off never hurt anyone.

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6. Watch Your Diet

What you eat matters a lot, even more than you what you do. Reduce your carb intake but keep in mind that carbs are an important addition to your diet, take more protein and vegetable and don’t eat late. Replace your soda with water and fresh juice too.

These are all simple things but most people don’t seem to get them. The truth is simple if you work out two hours every day for seven days a week but eat crappily when you leave the gym, you’ve essentially wasted your time.

Watching your diet alongside your gym activity is a guaranteed way to get optimum results.

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