Gogo Skhotheni Vs Gogo Maweni: Inside the Sangoma Battle

Gogo Skhotheni and Gogo Maweni, who are famous traditional healers, turned from friends to bitter rivals after laying many accusations against each other. Skhotheni accused Maweni of copying her soap and the accusation got Gogo Maweni infuriated which led to a series of outbursts on social media.

Presently, they seemed to have buried the hatchet as they haven’t called out each other on social media for a while.

What is the Feud Between Gogo Skhotheni and Gogo Maweni About?

The beef between Gogo Skhotheni, whose real name is Tumi Motsoeni Shange, and Lee Anne Makopo, professionally known as Gogo Maweni, reportedly started when the former accused the latter of copying her soap that brings luck. Gogo Maweni didn’t take the accusation lightly and so took to social media to curse Skhotheni, claiming that she had copied Glam Dlozi’s soap.

She also called Gogo Skhotheni fake and cheap and alleged that she wears fake weaves and paid R80,000 for a Brazillian butt lift while she claimed to be a millionaire. She then subtly insulted Tumi Motsoeni by boasting that she doesn’t live in a rented space and that her Brazillian butt lift cost her about R300,000.

The War of Words Got Intensified

As Gogo Maweni continued bickering Skotheni and even denying their friendship and referring to her as an associate, Gogo Skotheni then sent her house address to Maweni to come and face her physically. She dared Maweni to bewitch her to prove that she is a powerful witch. Gogo Skhotheni further claimed that Gogo Maweni does not have certificates for ubungoma and that she needs to go to school if she wants to be a real doctor.

In response to Skhotheni’s claims, Maweni shared a screenshot of her text message conversation with Skhotheni on Instagram. From the screenshot, it was seen that Tumi sent her house address to Maweni on January 16th, 2023, and Gogo Maweni replied in a lengthy message. She claimed to have put things to rest the day she blocked Skhotheni on social media platforms and deleted her number.

She also expressed her desire for them to have ironed things out amicably, but Gogo Skhotheni chose to lie about her to the people she befriended. Lee Anne Makopo also added that instead of Gogo Skhotheni to have spoken to her as an adult if she had any issues with her, she decided to go to social media and announce that they were no longer friends.

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She concluded the text message by telling Gogo Skhotheni that she won’t be coming to her house, which she called a rented space, because she’s at peace.

Gogo Maweni Dragged Gogo Skhotheni’s Husband and Kids into the Fued

After being at loggerheads for some time, Gogo Maweni took her feud with Gogo Skhotheni to a whole new level when she started dragging her family into it. On Instagram Live with Musa Khawula in March 2023, Gogo Maweni accused Skhotheni’s husband, Monde Shange, of being bisexual.

Additionally, she suggested that the popular Sangoma was using her children in traditional rituals called ukuthwala. Maweni made the accusation based on the health of Skhotheni’s son, who was sick and admitted for about 12 months. Furthermore, she alleged that Gogo Skhotheni was having an extramarital affair with DJ Oscar Mbo. She then called for her followers to challenge both of them to a physical fight, as she wants an official fight with Gogo Skhotheni on the street.

How Gogo Skhotheni Responded

Following the accusation of using her children for traditional rituals, Gogo Skhotheni spoke to TimesLive on how Maweni has disrespected her by dragging her family into their beef. She explained that her son was born prematurely, and that was why he was sick for about 12 months. She then asked Maweni to back off from her family, and even if her husband is bisexual, that wasn’t supposed to be her problem.

Furthermore, Gogo Skhotheni reiterated that she’s not afraid of Gogo Maweni. And thus, wants her to settle their issues traditionally rather than going live on social media. In the first week of April 2023, Skhotheni launched a new podcast titled, Venting. And in the first episode, she hinted at her drama with Maweni by saying that her podcast is not about bashing people.

At the moment, it seemed that the two Sangomas have finally chosen peace over virtual fighting as they have stopped calling out each other on social media.

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